Acronym of Me

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My name is the female version of Michael, meaning Like Unto God!

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Acronym of Me

My  name is the female version of Michael, meaning Like unto God.

I find inspiration in the little things in life.

Courage and faith are some of the greatest gifts one can be given.

Humility and Hope intertwine in my life, making me the person I am.

Energey in my life comes from the Lord above.

Living a life full of love

Leaning on the Lord is the name of my game.

Every day I look to the Lord and thank him for the gifts he has given.


Respecting others while standing firm in my beliefs.

Everyone who leans on the Lord will find the strengh

Never will I allow myself to be defined by what I have, but who I am is my definition.

Excelling in life while I wait for tomorrow to come, knowing that every obstacle reach is a testmaent of his life and love.

Enduruing the difficult times while not giving up on faith.


Kindness is always the greatest gift, and little things are to be cherished.

Inspiration for me is found in a childs smile and the innocence of laughter.

Determination is the key that carries me far.

When you lean on the Lord, you find strength.

Endurance is the key to winning any race, and this daily fight is a fight toe the finish!

Living life is not just about breathing, it is about living in words and in actions.

Love is the sweetest four letter word, and love is the strength that gets me through.

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