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An interview with a writer: Hullaballoo22

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Everyday, for as long as people could remember,  a cat and a mouse would meet in a meadow; finding a way to save each others lives and the lives of their brethren.

I agreed with Hully to meet in the local cafe, but as it was overcrowded, we decided to get our coffee elsewhere and take rest at the edge of 'Harmony Meadow'. It was named so for the event that unfolded there everyday, observed long ago by its namers; the reason, still to this day remaining unseen to the flinching eye. We sat on the edge of the meadow and observed the treaty as it unfolded before us. We did not flinch.

Down into the rolling greens sat two figures, much like us sitting atop them, observing this usual meeting. Power and agreement trying with everything in their might not to hasten their own destruction. One figure facing another. A beautiful tiger striped feline sat facing a silver eared mouse. Talking in a language constructed only by the two, to bridge the gap of struggle, hoping to find a common ground; peace.

As we observed this, I spoke to my companion while we sat in the heather and asked,

Question 1: Who would you enjoy hearing feedback, after have read you're written works? 


That's a good question! I've got thousands of books I've collected over time and could reel off loads of published authors names but that wouldn't be right. I'd rather have feedback from the writers and readers on Booksie than anyone else. Yeah, that's what means the most!


The mouse and cat continue their treaty agreement. We start to make out words, as the mouse snacks on a piece of fromage stolen from a trap. Somewhere a bird whistled in the trees on the outskirts of the meadow. The mouse jokes, while snacking on his stolen treat, "The early bird gets the worm but, the second mouse gets the cheese."  We laugh, sensing the problem with language barriers.


Sipping our caffeinated libation, I offer another question. 


Question 2 : What is your favorite word ?  


That's an easy one -- discombobulated! It sounds just like it's meaning. And it's a kind of feeling I can relate to so well, sort of like being half way between one reality and another.

Confidence would have to be one of my least favorites. 'Con' says it all really!


Our observation of the meeting continued.

The cat retorts, "So while the cats are away the mice dance on the table? If only we could only quell these instincts to mark our territory, perhaps we could find a truce." The mouse flicks it's nose from side to side in agreeance.


As we enjoy our coffee, stray cats arrive on the side of the calico feline; forces called in. More mice arrive, scurrying next to the silver eared whiskered ones. These strays and homeless having more in common with one another than the other chooses to admit. 

They seem to be at stand still, we wonder how this will all play out. In the meantime, I continue our own conversation,


Question 3 : When a writer gets stuck, needing a break, they often take a break from their art.  


So far I've not suffered from writer's block as my head seems to be full of words; but sometimes it gets too much and different ideas get muddled up. Then, I have to stop writing for a while. I sew pictures, not so much now as I used to, but I have to concentrate and that calms the word-flood. Or I'll go looking for picture prompts.....I love picture prompts.

The other thing that causes me to get stuck is to commit to doing something on a deadline. It's not so bad now that I've done it a few times, but at first I'd just put it off and put it off.....then panic!


"Why do you hate me? Let the cat out of the bag" squeaks the mouse to the cat ."Burn not your house to fright the mouse away."

"Why do you hate me? Cat got your tongue?"  answers the cat to the mouse,

"Is it because I can't understand why we shouldn't get along?"  

They both answers the same words.

"Because I can't understand why we shouldn't get along."


We watch this disconnect and consider our own dilemma; of the society we live in.

"How's the coffee", I ask, she replies with pride, "Undiscombobulated."


 We stand from our observatory seats and start walking around the perimeter of the meadow, like cats ourselves, so as not to disturb the two creatures below. They have more in common than they know, continuing their search for a way to acknowledge it. To put it to paper and find peace, love and understanding. Harmony. Compassion.


I think to ask, 


Question 4 : This "where" question incorporates "Do "... "Do you carry a pen and paper with you when you go places so that you may write down your ideas ? If so, where is such a place you can tell us about that you had to stop and write, if not, where is a place you would to go to so you could sit and write what you see/feel ? 


I always have something to jot down ideas on, even if it's just a few words on the back of a receipt. I quite often think of something when I'm a passenger in a car, for some reason. And sitting in waiting rooms....that's always good for having ideas suddenly spring from nowhere.

When I'm trying to get to sleep sometimes I'll end up thinking of whole poems but I'm too lazy to get up and write them down then. Sometimes they're still there in the morning, sometimes they're not!


 The cat and mouse game would resume yet again another day. Somehow, after much deliberation, each side agrees in accordance to continue their pact of peacetime.  


' What's so funny about this ', we say to one another, ' is that, as this cat and mouse try work out their differences, hoping to live in the same world together, these two have accomplished more by saying "they do not know", than most do. By questioning. By thinking they may be both wrong and making the choice for themselves and, agreeing to live peacefully despite their differences. This is what makes them both right.'


Question 5 : Why do you write ? ( and what might you tell you an aspiring writer who is reluctant to share their words )


Why do I write? Well, I have to say, for pretty selfish reasons. As someone who's always felt like an outsider or a total misfit, I guess to some extent it's to try to understand people and situations; an exercise of 'what might it be like'! Then I write as an emotional release, to let out all the pent-up feelings out in a non-destructive way. And finally, and this is the most important one -- I write because I want to! If I didn't enjoy it, I'd quit tomorrow.

My advice to anyone who wants to write is to just do it! Write down anything and everything. Be prepared to go back, throw stuff away. But make sure it really is a desire to write and not a misplaced idea that it's a sure-fire way to fame and fortune. Many writers never make so much as a cent. Be prepared to take criticism, but above all -- write for yourself!


 As Hullabaloo and I make our way out of the grassland, we walk back up to the street, our cups emptied, our imagination full.

We extend our paws for a shake;  opting for a hug instead.  

I have learned much from her and us, from the differences between a cat and a mouse. Watching grudges vanish, if only for a brief moment.

Such a grudge was like taking poison expecting the other to suffer.


We part ways until next time, thinking we might return one day to watch the cat and the mouse live in symbiosis. The struggle never ending;  in our world and worlds in between that most avert their eyes away from.

We knew the simple answer.


The gentle cat always scratches the worst, making mice out of us all. Empathy, compassion, love, honesty and fairness; if we could only agree on this, then we would have but one thing to do; to make our own lives worth saving, then perhaps we could better;


"take care of each other" 


Thank you Hully, meow with you again.





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