The Worst Pain

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Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



I use to think the worst pain was losing the one you love. I thought it was watching him or her smiling with and being with someone else. I use to think the worst pain was being alone at night and you cry yourself to sleep with muffled cries only to get up in the morning sore eyed and smile at everyone around you as lastnight did not happen. Compared to the pain of letting go, those things feel like the heartbreak of your favorite ice cream falling off your cone onto the side walk. When I rose this morning and the shattered pieces of my heart rattled with every step I took, jagged pieces falling from my chest to a place unknown; I discovered the worst pain. I showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed, checked my phone; Nothing. Combed my hair, packed my backpack, let the dog out, checked my phone; Nothing. I looked into the mirror one last time, stared at my reflection; Nothing, not once did I think of your name this morning, not once did I want to for I did not feel like drowning in a sea of emotions today. Stepped outside, locked the door, checked my phone; Nothing. Not once did you text me, not once did call, not once did I left my finger to do so either. I discovered the worst pain this morning, it was the pain of letting go. It is the last bit of hope that you clench to finally slipping, that torch dying out leaving you cold, in the dark and lifeless. It is the pain of looking into the mirror and staring blankly at empty eyes that you don't recognize, a reflection of a hollowed body that isn't yours. It is having your heart ripped out so fast that all you feel is the aftereffect of the open wound. It is feeling nothing at all. It is forcing your soul to separate from another that it has become a part of, tearing yourself away til its only half of what was you and nothing. The worst pain is feeling nothing at all. The worst pain is having nothing at all, I take a deep breath, check my phone...Nothing

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