Vacancy Of Veronica

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Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Slowly, she slips insane. Suffocating blood flow through her mane of shame. Gilded home bodies parade in masks . Devoid of resistance in a maiden's war path . Dream with me. In a sleep that never wakes. Devour my heart. In a brutal place. Dark medals , silence in the drive. Clouded with anger raining blood from the infected skies. I am lost again. Empty chamber , I'm a man made of tin. Exterior damage Unseen by the salvage . Internal heartache . a ghost heart , with nothing put at stake. Ring that bell again. Can you hear it ? The murder in the wind ?

Veronica rides , on crashing Nightingale. Deep glazed eyes , leave passing vapor trails. She has stolen my life. The day I carried her home into the night. Sleep will not come , to these freezing body moves. I can't miss her , time is too old . Hold onto nothing empty man. It's all you have in the hourglass of sand. Veronica ... of the vacant storm. Your heart is cold . Yet , your flesh is warm. Will a kiss from serpent lips patch up a hole that's torn?

Lifeless veins run up your arm. Full of poison that brings you harm. Eternity lasts forever. Yet , I will never say never. I am lost again. In this terror dome . No place to call home. No place for a ghastly heart to roam. Fortune fingers, on decaying hands. Wave goodbye to a falling man. Falling deeper into an empty pit. Where the arteries clog up with cement. Suffocation , I've clearly gone insane. Breathless by the beauty that soaks up in her mane. One last drink. An ode to no one. Before I lay in the forgotten chamber. With my love on the run. Is this where I now call home. ... I am lost again.

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