The Foundling

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
sorry in advance. it's yet another sequel to 'driving through Grimstone Low'. I intend to stick with Grimstone and the Slugshaws, but any future offerings will be purely stand-alone.
cheers Kevin

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017







The Foundling



Frost hung in the air like glitter

A postie wore long trousers

An Arctic blast hit town, so cold

That the Smog Hill girls buttoned their blouses

A pin drop was like a crescendo

You could hear the rhubarb grow

When someone delivered that bundle of joy

To a doorstep in Grimstone Low


A duvet, and a Moses basket

With little kicks from within

Precariously placed on the doorstep

To the side of the green wheelie bin

A rustle, a kick and a whimper

A flatulence noise, and a cry

A hastily hand written letter

Whose ink had barely set dry


To whom it may concern

Please take me into your brood

Welcome me into you family

I just need some shelter and food

I promise I’ll cause you no trouble

We’ll all get along, just you see

Your family is missing one member

And I think that you’ll find, that it’s me


It was Eileen Slugshaw who found him

As she popped out for her first morning cig

She tripped on the thing, and went arse over tit

Then got up and exclaimed “What the frig”

Her head was still feeling groggy

With the booze from the previous night

Her eyes were just starting to focus

As she struggled to take in the sight


She detected that first sign of movement

As the duvet began to ride up

So she grabbed the quilt, and pulled it back

And came face to face withthe pup

An Upper Don-Valley Black Pudding Hound

The same breed as The Beast, who had died

Overwhelmed by this act of kindness

She grabbed him, and took him inside


If the family had borne any malice

To whoever ran over the Beast

This gift made amends for the accident

So let the hostilities cease.


© Copyright 2018 K J Walker. All rights reserved.

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