The Story of Magic: Pyro

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Astreya, the home world of different races and creatures. After the great war between different race, Astreya was still facing global invaders who only knows to wreak havoc and to conquer any in sight, the demons and evil.
An elf boy name Pyro dreams to become adventurer and explore the mysterious world of his with the help of his friends, but he doesn’t have at the moment. Will he make his dreams become real? Will he make friends that will help him to fulfill his dreams? The story and adventures begin!

Table of Contents

The Great War

Submitted: June 17, 2017

The world called Astreya, where magic and fantasies exists, a place where God and Goddess exist and also Demons and Evil. Astreya have ... Read Chapter

The First Encounter

Submitted: June 17, 2017

Astro, the name of the most powerful Elf in their race, who uses meteorites and explosive destructions magic spells. He had a son named P... Read Chapter