Another Taste Of The Stairway To Tyranny...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Rowdy Living Press

A clip of future potential that will surely interest readers

Executive Order 12803

(enacted by President Bush On April 30th 1992)


Additional notations are that the these recorded elements of infrastructure may be privatized, but there was no specification detailing where it is that corporations must hail from in order to make purchase. We are forced to presume that these corporations being allowed to make purchase may be from other nations, such as China, for instance; who could simply move in and occupy the structure, since the United States government is so deeply indebted to them anyway. This bill only preceded the occurrence of nine-eleven by nine years.

Interesting notations are that the date of April 30 has great occultist significance. According to available information, the dates of April 30 until May first are the traditional time of human sacrifice in such time honored cult religions as the worship of Baal. Baal's other names were Enlil, Moleck, etc. Baal was a sun god and his worship ceremonies occurred during the time of the spring solstice. His worship spread over a number of highly advanced civilizations during their day.

The most horrible aspect of these ceremonies were the elements of child sacrifice, where individuals willingly or by force, sacrificed their first born child by first heating a statue of the god red hot, then laying the child into the outstretched arms designed as though it were in a loving caress.

According to reports of the day, the child would scream hysterically from pain caused by the intense heat, whereupon bands of musicians would play music for the purpose of drowning out the screams; strongly reminiscent of the much latter furnace at Auschwitz and consequently in both instances, suggesting back to the reader a heart wrenching picture of innocent lambs being slaughtered. Then suddenly the screams would cease, the child's limbs would shrivel from an intensity of the heat, as would the flesh of the child's face, causing the appearance of a sick smile conjunction with a general composure known somewhat euphemistically as “sardonic laughter”. Not long afterward the child would shrivel up into ash and drop down a chute specially designed for the purpose, into the raging flames beneath.



What may we presume in the date of this executive order? That it's execution into law was the sacrifice of all the nation's children, who would grow into adulthood in the near future from the day when the ultimate national tragedy would come to pass?

The time passed has presently been twenty four years already, from the time of this writing. Nine years passed between this executive order and the events of nine-eleven, the number nine has occultist significance as well. Thus the tyrant, complete with his bizarre new mandated religion of the emerging Nation-State, may now appear to assume his magisterially imposed position inside the new throne on the hill above America.

We may recall as well, that the father of George Bush Senior was a man by the name of Prescott Bush, who not only was a member of the Scull and Crossbones Society, but also was an ardent indirect supporter of Germany's Fascist government in the 1930's; contrary to diverting opinions telling us otherwise, since huge corporate profit was to be reaped from the Fascist machine. The reaper only cares about the profit being generated, never mind upon whose back that it stands on! Are we to accept this conclusion as valid, that there existed no form of support from Prescott Bush to the National Socialist German government of the 1930's? Are we to conclude that the subtle message in the date of this order given by Prescott's son was that America's children of the day, figuratively speaking, had their adult futures sacrificed on the moment/altar of this order being voted into law?

In addition to the above facts, we are called upon to consider that during the financial crisis of 2007-2008, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, the money lenders of America's mortgage system, were purchased out-right by the US Federal government.

In other words, the US Federal government now owns the lending fund that finances approximately eighty percent of America’s private residential real-estate mortgages! The individual only truly owns the premises when it is that the mortgage has been paid in full.

  With tax being imposed every recurring periodic term, it is debatable whether it is that the individual ever truly owns it, especially when the extorted amounts are virtually dictated and magisterially imposed without consideration for the “owner's” financial circumstances. What is stopping the US government from simply selling this supplying fund over to either an American firm such as Standard Oil/Exxonmobil, General Electric, Ford Motor Company; or more than likely a Chinese corporation, who also owns a large share in the US industrialized prison complex?

The newly rising EU may also be interested in making purchase of US housing and real-estate, as well as industrialized prison complexes. Some experts claim that in reality the EU is the old Holy Roman Empire resurrecting. We are forced by fact to recall that the old HRE only died in 1806, due to the actions of Napoleon Bonaparte and was the original thousand year Reich. The Habsburgs attempted to resurrect the original Reich again, as did Adolph Hitler, but they all failed miserably.

No form of check is in place to prevent this occurrence of America's entire infrastructure, including housing and it's industrial prison complex, from being purchased by foreign interests seeking to hold the US population base into a state of perpetual bondage, with US government acting against the US citizen base on par with the old SS of Germany to facilitate any logistical concerns of these purchasing corporations.

At this point in the information we have crossed a line with the reading public that few among us will dare to even consider, let alone venture to read. Most Americans have been led to believe that such persecuting events can only happen in other places, but never inside their own homeland. We may imagine many readers simply laying this material aside with a sigh of rejection at the mere suggestion of possibility. What this author pleads, however, is a reconsideration of specifically what it is that is being held in hand at the moment..; information based on both historical and present day fact, that well may not be found anywhere else. 


Barach Obama;

What are we to make of him?


One of the most shocking, yet strongly suggestive observances found was during Obama's announcement that he was officially running on the Democratic platform during his run for office. The scene, as we may recall, was one inside the Denver Stadium, sitting just outside the city of Denver, Colorado.

To most Americans the stage prop in which Obama stood only gave the appearance of being classic Hellenist in design,  and fit rather well with the projection of a person seeking future authority and the proper level of class to accompany it. Unto those who are well versed in our history, however, we found astonishing similarities with notations from eras of time, that the collective masses would probably simply just rather forget. Those who defend the stage prop declare that it was only that of the US Capitol building, with the dome replaced by a podium stand. In lieu of America’s covert history covered inside this work, as well as additional notes in relation to Obama, this author detects a plan of  deception to the fact that much more was going on .

Inside the museum of Berlin we may still find the original altar of Pergamonthat once sat in Pergamon, Turkey. It is believed that this alter is the one referred to in the letters of the Apostle Paul, as “Satan's throne.” It is also the same identical throne where a number of patron christian saints were sacrificed by fire inside the bronze bull, upon the altar to the god of Zeus, the supreme god of classical Greece, as were numbers of persecuted Christians over the years.

The similarity between the stage prop in which Obama so proudly stood, and the altar of Pergamon, is so close in copy that virtually no person may ever persuade the wise of the design  not being intentional on some level, if not on that of Obama himself. What are we to make of this striking similarity? Were his sponsors being very bold in their subtle proclamation? What were they saying, while the masses voted for Obama in droves? Were they in-fact sending America's Christians a subtle message? Is a future persecution of America’s Christian population just around the corner? If the Christians go first into a futuristic furnace, many other groups shall follow before the persecution concludes, as we should all be acutely aware of from our own research in history. This time around, will both Jew and Christian be the first to perish inside the coming conflagration?

We should also note that Obama stood later on in his Presidency to boldly proclaim that America was not a Christian nation.  As time passed, we may note that Obama stated publicly that he was Muslim, versus being Christian. Being Christian means one who is a follower of Christ and his teachings. Therefore if one is Muslim, then one is not a follower of Christ or his teachings; although we may presume that he is not necessarily opposed to the teaching of Christ, until manifested facts reveal repressed intentions, informing us otherwise. As far as it is known by this author, Obama may have been the first US President who did not attend to the teachings of Christ, instead preferring those of another,  even though later on he refrained from admission of the fact.

If we shall open our minds toward the possibility, there exists much more that shall reveal suggestions of inner motivations repressed from the intellect of America's collective masses. It is well worth noting that Adolph Hitler ventured into the museum of Berlin and was instantly taken away by his examination of the ancient altar from Pergamon. Following his assumption of Germany's chancellorship, one of the first moves that he made was to hire Albert Speer, his chief architect, to construct a large scale replication of the altar on the Zeppelin-field,  the ruins of which still stand to this very day. It was from the stand in the center of this altar, that Hitler addressed the huge masses during the parades and celebrations of the Nazi era that the citizens of planet earth are so familiar with. In this notation the question still prevails; What exactly is Obama and/or his platform assistants attempting to tell us in the suggestions, put forth from our observations of the fact?

Some authors have even claimed that this announcement of Obama for Democratic nomination in the final primary was actually an unofficial inauguration, or shall we say, a clandestine inauguration. Again, the question that behooves us is one of; if this event was a clandestine inauguration, then what exactly was he being inaugurated for? If the Presidential inauguration was forth-coming, then why have this one for the same event? If it was not for the office of President as we know it, then exactly what was the inauguration for?

As we have pointed out, the leg of a strong Socialist platform for the coming corporate and central banking backed Fascist mono-leader was erected during the Kennedy administration. Corporate checks and balances were removed during the Reagan administration and known by the public as “deregulation,”; thus now we have a Fascist-collective government in place. Passage of the Patriot Act removed the check from any US President future from the time of the event, declaring a national emergency and simultaneously calling for a mandate of martial law. No longer does the President need Congress to make that call. Upon the call for Martial Law, the US President of the day will instantly assume the position of absolute authority in America, with the entire US Constitution being held in indefinite suspension, and the nation’s citizen base at his literal mercy!

Since the days of the American Civil Rights Movement, ideas in regard to both parties were being formed in the minds of America's citizens. With the passage of time, in the subconscious mind of the majority demographics, the parties assumed labels of color due to past support and present day political platform. Unofficially on the streets of America and out in the fields, The Democratic Party became labeled as the black party,  and The Republican party became labeled as the white party. As has already been pointed out, today’s Democratic Party is the unspoken party of American Socialism, as it is evidenced by its very history since 1948-1950 that we have already covered, and the strong Socialist agenda that it has endorsed and continues to do so.

The Republican Party of America is a party of the centralized bank and the corporations that have grown up around it. The RP has never veered from its directional line, and is a direct descendant of the old Federalist Party. This party was the one that started a war on US soil against the old Democratic Party, who only wanted checks and balances in government and on currency in the form of the stated face value on bank-notes being equaled in specie. As we are compelled to observe, the only unrepresented group of citizens is the American middle range of population affectionately known as the middle class in economic terminology and overwhelmingly the largest segment of America's entire citizen base; whom we may deduce as being the indentured class inside the present day US Fascist-collective system of economy and political agenda.

Obama, the person, was a combination of both colors, black and white; thus we may conclude that he was the living, breathing effigy representative of a marriage between the party of Socialism and that of the unchecked corporation and clandestine central bank. His person also is highly reflective of present day US government at large. Out of our examination we are at liberty to conclude that what was observed in his stance on the stage at Denver Stadium was the very covert, yet official inauguration of the new Fascist-collective government in America, heralding the coming absolute authority who will soon sit on the anointed throne of the White House. In likewise fashion as once did Lincoln, whom we may recall from our earlier examination, was the first corporate backed tyrant conqueror of America’s plebeian masses, who was immortalized for eternity in martyred effigy inside it's own pantheon by the clandestine central bank and it's corporations831, whom he battled so desperately in the name of.

The situation at hand does not suggest at this point, that Obama will be this eminent absolute authority,832833 but history itself strongly suggests that the next US President near the close of his/her first four year term, or the one coming in immediately behind him may very well be, as we have already covered. Obama was simply the living, breathing effigy of this new officially endorsed direction in US government toward its own citizen subordinates. What we are destined to bear witness to in the future are more directions taken along the lines of American Fascist-mono rule.


Tension on the ground and in the surrounding air would rise during the same time period, until it exploded with the closing of industry, the utility base and the general closing of commodity stores. All across America US cities would go up in flames very soon as huge collective masses of enraged, confused and soon starving citizens battled it out with both National Guard soldiers and police on the ground. Looting, shooting, plundering of closed stores and crime in general, would be ramped during this phase of the deceptive program intending to manipulate the people of America.

Once the stores and streets had been looted and burned completely out, the criminal gangs would turn on the surrounding neighborhoods and the people therein, carrying on with the same negative intentions of stealing their livelihood from the surrounding population base. Neighborhoods that had not collectively gathered in presumption of possibility and formed some sort of paramilitary security unit would exist at the mercy of these vicious criminal gangs, who basically would have no mercy and feel that they could gratify their own biological desires at the complete expense of the population base, with no chance of repercussion.

This situation would be astoundingly reminiscent of what Southern States found themselves in during the last year of the Civil War and during the time of Southern Reconstruction,869 when security on the home-front was virtually non-existent; and the later very similar situation found in Western State territories where no established system of law existed, forcing the people of those areas in both instances to provide for their own security. The real truth of why certain developments occurred somewhat later in time870 would manifest itself once more again, maybe with the same generational vendettas871 of the past.

The resulting national response may well be very similar when the entire situation finally settled, and the following time of economic persecution concluded, if it ever did. Entire demographic segments may then divide themselves by choice and the nation of America carve itself up872 into separate physical, political, economic, social and ideological boundaries based on collective cultures and their accompanying history.

Reality of the potential broad situation at large will not allow us to make any conclusive stand at this futuristic point, however. At this point in our reading of suggestions born by factual developments, we are only making assumptions that nothing more would follow from the chaos that initiated the frightening scenario above.

Other additional scenario situations which may follow up on the induced chaos might be with a well calculated biological attack. It would be possible to initiate a biological attack first, before the staged nuclear attack. Disease microbes have been bred of highly contagious naturally occurring plague far more potent than those found in nature, such as smallpox and tuberculosis.873 Bubonic plague may well be another in the banking cartel's secret arsenal of death. New manufactured diseases more contagious and deadly than any found in nature may exist which could then be put to the ultimate test, effectively terrifying the population as it exterminates large segments of it selectively by strategic design.874

These diseases may be programmed to time release, some even as far back as a three month period following exposure.875 Sixty individuals could be intentionally infected with this time released potion of destruction two months before time of the planned event. These individuals may be flown completely undetected into thirty different US cities, some two or three at a time, for example. Not only would they breath into the air of the plane, infecting the population there, who would carry it into other places; they could simply take their sweet time walking around the airport, infecting hundreds as they pass them by.

Once on the outside of the airport facility and at large inside the metropolis, those infected may choose to seat themselves in bus terminals, large churches, train stations, sub-way terminals, malls, some foot-ball games in with certain logistical considerations and enclosed sporting events in general; basically any enclosed or semi-enclosed area where large crowds of people gather. All that these villains would be required to do is simply breath the air around them in deeply and virtual thousands would become infected, transporting the disease microbes and spores to tens of thousands more.

By the time that the atomic distraction occurred and the masses were in great chaotic turmoil, the disease would have infected many hundreds of thousands, if not millions. We may visualize that the biological attack would strike with a vengeance about the time that the national violence would have appeared to have burned itself out and/or be under authoritarian control.

Even before the time of the disease incubation, we may imagine that Martial Law would have already been called.876 The military would merge with the National Guard and the regular police force, moving into what was left of the smoldering US cities with orders of shoot-to-kill on sight, especially during cases of resistance to mandated orders or violations of curfew. There would be no consideration of general circumstance when citizens needed to exit homes and hideaways for the purpose of finding food and locating general supplies. Any person sighted would be liquidated by strategically placed snipers, civilian police and soldiers, drones, robots and the like.

When the chaotic situation at long last appeared be settling down, the great population roundup would soon engage, though it would have already initiated periodically. Civilians would be mass transported by bus, train, transfer truck or van, into containment facilities already scattered all across the landscape into long since, well organized Martial Law districts. As these now hopelessly imprisoned individuals made their way through the maze of razor-wire topped gates, IBM computers with facial recognition equipment877 would effectively do the population count, checking the name from the stored databank of Martial Law district residents,878 very carefully notating those who were absent from the roll call, once the entire district had been officially identified as being depopulated.

In fact, this author anticipates the possibility of soon coming mandated computer chip implants or tattoo computer chip IDs879 making the program of computer identification far less cumbersome when the future time finally arrives. This mandate would precede the corporate backed persecution event possibly by at least a year or even more.880 The tattoos would be far more publicly acceptable than the rice sized implantation chips that we have all read and heard about, since tattoos are faddish and more citizens today than ever before in America already wear tattoos.881

An interesting notation that very well may herald the stated event is the coming national ID mandate of 2017,882 the very first of it's kind in the land of freeborn America. We may also anticipate that this mandate should coincide in approximation with the coming systemic order to eliminate all forms of cash transaction.883 Be aware that this dawning order to eliminate cash may already be occurring in numerous corners of the earth,884 even as these words are being written. What is obvious here is the organization of a worldwide, cashless system of finance,885 which we may presume will have its heart in the nation of Switzerland.

Numerical values equivalent to cash may be downloaded into the computer chip, which may then be swiped exactly as a bar-code, for the purpose of making cost extractions on products and services. Those imprisoned may well be forced to provide their own accommodation with a swipe, which shall further plunge them into debt or serve to calculatingly render them destitute, should they still possess any remaining funds of value. We may anticipate that very few, if any will be in possession of accumulative assets by this time in the program of plebeian American conquest.

A huge majority, if not all, however, will be in possession of massive unmanageable debt margins, making their incarceration appear as being justified, should any need for doing so future from the time of the event ever manifest itself. The German Fascist of the past largely failed to presume any futuristic need found in an official justification for their persecutions; an interesting notation in it's own right and one that bears its own revelations of possibility, that we are witnessing the emergence of a plan for total domination by design, even at this very moment.

About the time that half or more of national Martial Law districts had been evacuated into the containment facilities, the dormant disease attack would abruptly incubate; serving to effectively depopulate entire facilities in many localities, while severely limiting others, making the inmates far less apt to resist. Those who did attempt to revolt may be intentionally transported into facilities where it was noted that disease was most deadly, further liquidating potential problems and consumption of resources by inmates in places where resources were already limited.

Those who were infirm or past the age of productivity/sixtyyears may be calculatingly removed into the identical containment centers at the same time. Thus, we may observe inside our notation, the manner in which bio-weaponry may be utilized to facilitate the objective of plebeian conquest and absolute authority through a simultaneous plan of well organized depopulation.

Those who managed to escape the roundup would be hunted mercilessly; with drones, dogs, security search brigades using the latest infrared devices, moonlight magnification devices, thermal imaging viewers, and possibly even satellites. Escape from any prison facility may well be rendered one hundred percent impossible in the dawning future. 

Even though running may appear as impossible, we are forced to recall that in the not-so-distant past, one highly pursued criminal {Eric Rudolph} did succeed in escaping all of the latest search technology and pursuit of a literal 200 man special forces army for five years, and dozens of bounty hunters in hot pursuit of the multi-million dollar bounty on his head; only eventually getting caught by obviously allowing himself to be apprehended from tiring of life on the lam.

On the other hand, this event occurred back in the late 1990's. We may all be rested assured that authoritarian studies of his plan for evasion have been made from every conceivable angle, with new strategic tactics being deductively rationalized and aiding technology being developed as a result. At any rate, inside the above notation we are reminded of the bible verse Matthew 24:16 : Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains.




Submitted: June 17, 2017

© Copyright 2021 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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