Dawn of A New Age

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I felt inspired to write about the former greatness of Britain, and this happened.

I wrote this poem on 17/03/2016 - so exactly a year and 3 months ago on the day that I am publishing it here. I had to edit it a bit as it didn't read well, but now I'm happy with it so, yeah, hope you enjoy.

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Across the globe, fierce battles rage

In a fight for supremacy. The dawn of a new age.

The British empire expands, dominating the world.

The most powerful navy to exist goes forth - her sails unfurled.


Enemies stand in the way of this overwhelming force.

They are crushed mercilessly, buried with their cause.

They cannot stand up to the might of the British Empire,

So there they stand helplessly, engulfed in her fire.


The British are disciplined and respond on the command.

And with great force, they dominate the land.

No army can compete, for resistance is futile.

Since this army has even faltered, god it’s been a while.


At first sign of revolt, the army prepares again,

Where so much blood will be spilled, to secure this new age.

The sword is drawn, and the redcoats advance,

That march over open field, where death does dance.


Among all of the carnage, and all of the death,

The British regroup and march forward again.

The artillery is useless, it doesn’t slow them down.

And the enemy force advances to oppress the crown.


The British hold, and let the enemies come.

And the next battle commences at the setting of the sun.

In a perfect succession, the British regiments open fire.

The enemy force is slaughtered, and the price gets ever higher.


As the field is watered with the blood of tyranny,

The foe lies eternally, slaughtered in rage,

In yet another gruesome fight...



For the dawn of a new age.


© Copyright 2018 Hellraiser. All rights reserved.

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