Highway 13

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Welcome to Split Cliffs! A small town in southern west California known for its Trailer park, creepy forest views, haunted nights, slow lifestyle and killer highway 13. Its not far from your home but takes you miles away with a demonic vortex chasing you. Bring your family and your credit card to have the experience that will leave you crazed or half dead. Visit Split Cliffs! Its a town for vacation, the last one you will ever go.

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



8th April, 2016.

In instance of dying, your entire life flashes before you in a split second. The regrets, the good and the bad things you faced. Then you remember what brought you where you are. I was standing alone in middle of a highway inches away from a speeding truck, making face like a deer caught in headlights, remembering what brought me there. My bad luck or me being an a##hole?

That day started like the day before it, every morning chores. Get up, get ready and get going. Skip breakfast to work. Ten minutes drive from Trailer Park outside the town Split Cliffs to work on Highway 13. Sometimes I skipped shower if I was running late. I worked in a community clinic and I wanted people to remain sick more than the pharmacy shop owner would. If I didn’t keep them sick then the clinic would have run in red and I’d be jobless again.

I don’t remember if I had lunch, and didn’t bother to reply my girlfriend’s missed calls in the evening. I knew she was cheating on me with my best friend Dave Luke. It was a slow day at work, only one guy showed up with malaria and all the patient wards were empty. I couldn’t be more upset. I once had prescribed wrong treatment to a patient mistaking he had flu and he eventually ended up in coma. Since then doctor never let me prescribe. I was as good as a tissue paper. Every night however things changed, the receptionist lady goes back home and I get full charge of the clinic in my overnight hours. Twenty five bucks per hour. Three hours sleep. If I had a good lunch I would have skipped dinner, not that night, I had a special order waiting in my trailer, the chalk.

Cold breeze, lights on and empty highway. The night broke dark from bright day like intentions of a mad man and my mobile ran out of battery when I was watching porn. Few minutes later Sid, my best friend’s teenage brother, came in breaking the door open. “Wade! Why is your phone switched off?!” he screamed in parched voice.

“Why were you calling me?” I asked.

“Brenda is going to suicide. She called Dave, he is not going we gotta save her come on lets go”

“Ah shut up she loves herself too much, she is faking it again”

“Dave said she sounded troubled”

“And why do you care?”

“I thought you did”

“I dumped her last night you dork. I know she won't do it. Sit, how was your exam today?”

“Err I think I gave all the right answers”

“F##k you! You didn’t”

“How do you know?”

“I just do”

“She is a wet-nurse”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“The girl I hung out with. She is it. Its to women what sperm donation is to men. She gets paid to breast feed other's babies.”

“I bet you didn’t hang out with her because of that. She is not very shy, is she?”

“Hahaha not at all. Hey man we should check on Brenda.”

“I remembered you owe me fifty bucks.”

That got is yap hole shut. Good things knock your door only once in life and bad things don't knock at all, they raid your life like rodents on a mission. A middle aged man kicked the door open and carried an unconscious teenage girl to the reception desk. Her top and jeans were bloody and she was missing a shoe, his clothes had her blood and his shoes were muddied.

"What the hell you think this is?!" I scolded that man.

"Is she breathing?" Sid asked panicky.

I felt her nerve on my fingers, she was still alive. Sid and him put her on a stretcher inside and I got cotton and betadine. "What happened?" I asked him, nursing the wound on her head.

"I was driving my car on the highway where I saw a truck run over her" he said.

"That highway section. Sid, check his car for signs of collision, let's see if you're telling the truth. What's your name?"

"John Lennon"

"Do you know her?"

"I have never seen her in my life!"

"There isn't any car outside" Sid said coming back inside.

"You thought you could fool me huh? Give me your mobile number and credit card"

"Why card?" he asked.

"Look, you brought her here someone has to deposit initial fees or I will call the cops, I don't give a damn"

"Okay okay take my card, corrupt bastard"

I took his card and mobile number then checked the girl, apart from the head wound and some bruises on both wrists she wasn't injured. It was weird, somehow she got away miraculously or the dried blood on her clothes had a different story hidden underneath. In reality anyway miracles only happen before elections.

"Her condition is serious, she has a broken rib bone and maybe internal bleeding" I lied.

"How can you tell by looking at her? you didn't even touch her" John said.

"You are questioning a doctor, I save lives"

"You are a doctor?" Sid smirked and asked sarcastically.

"I am, follow me"

We went to the card reader machine on reception desk. Sid stood behind the desk with pen and John started talking random things, he said “Man you should check this blog it says that PeOplE WilL DiE of mosquitoes bites can spread KilLeR viruses. It was so gross OuTsidE that woman WhO DieD in a room but StIlL is IN the WoOdS burns on her skin DiG I don’t believe HeR” I didn’t try to understand his gibberish, I tried his card. The machine said that it was expired. When I turned around John wasn't with me and the power went out.

"Sid, get the torch in the drawer. Sid?! John! Get the torch man!" I yelled them to get the torch but no one replied.

I went around the desk to get behind it and took the torch myself. Till then, I asked all the wrong questions, I should have asked what was the girl doing middle of the highway in first place. I turned my torch on and was scared shitless when I saw the girl sitting on the desk looking at me, her eyes were grey, her skin was rancid and the joker grin on her face showed her bloody teeth.

"WaiTing iS sHe !DaRk ThE iN cRyinG" She whispered bringing her face closer to me and I had my back stuck to the wall. She laughed and the torch stopped working before she disappeared. I didn't understand what that meant and I didn’t want to, I just wanted to get out of there. I unplugged my mobile and turned its torch on, its battery had charged up to seven percent. Sid had disappeared too and I had to find him. I went to the hallway, the girl was standing in the other end. She smiled and twisted her head. John went across in a room holding a can and I went after him.

“John! what is happening where is that boy who was with us?” I asked him.

It was dark in the room, my mobile’s torch wasn’t really helping me to see either. I looked around and found him crouched in a corner pouring petrol on himself and around him. A raspy voice behind me said “ShE woNt sToP uNtiLL We aRe DeAd!” and then the door shut itself. He pulled my leg and I fell down, he tried to tear my clothes but I slipped through his grip. He started hitting the floor with his hands as I picked up my phone and ran to the door, his feet were slippery so he couldn’t stand up before I got out and locked the door. Sid was in the toilet, I heard him cry and call for help. Lights in the toilet were on, the mirror was smashed and broken on the wall, the taps leaked and blood trails ran to one of the toilet cubicles. Following Sid’s cries I rushed to it. But he wasn’t in it, the girl sat in shadow crying madly and tearing her face with her nails. “What are you?!” I yelled terrified. She stopped crying and asked in low static voice “Do yOu bLeEd?” I got a phone call, it was Sid. “Wade! I am on the highway a truck ran over me quick help!” he said.

I ran out from the toilet and went through the hallway, John broke out of the room and set himself on fire. “It hAs tO sToP!” he cried running toward me. I went in the room to my right and hid behind a gurney, when he entered the room I pushed it and pinned him against the wall. I got out of the clinic and started running alone on the highway. I called Sid’s phone, someone answered but remained silent. Soon my phone’s battery died and John had set the building on fire, its flames reached high and blew power lines up, the street lights doused as well.

I reached the highway intersection, I cried his name and looked around but didn’t find Sid. A page of newspaper flew with the wind and stuck on my shoes. It had the girl's photo from a time when she was beautiful and looked more human. I picked it up and read: “Killer Highway: Its the season to go on vacations, its the season of roadkills. But the Highway 13 that takes you to a slow town Split Cliffs claims human blood. Roadkill reports reveal that human deaths by collision have spiked up in the area. Twenty minutes of drive along the highway and you might find a dead person on the road or on your bumper. Fifteen days ago a teenage girl found dead in an accident has been identified as Harley Bonecutter, who was staying in the Sinner Motel of the town for unknown reason. Further investigation revealed that she was raped before she met with an accident. Since then twelve human roadkills have been reported. Last night a white male got hit by a truck and died due to severe head trauma...”

I dropped the paper. A truck honked loudly behind me, its weight trembled the road, its sound became more violent as it came closer and faster every split second. I turned around and its bright lights flashed in my eyes.

The End.

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