It's not about sex

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



"chapter one" 
Sex in every relationship is important actually in my ophi iinion I can't marry a woman without having sex with her and I'm not the only one I thin every one is thinking like that i was so amazed and felt so wierd about the Arab people as they Customs and traditions make them marry without having sex 
How I marry a woman without knowing her body I think it's a primary factor of a relationship 
My name is cocky and this is my story 
I'm just a successful employ in a company with a womanizer character with agreat salary but god doesn't give everything or just God give as a Coincidence to find ourselves and our future 
One day I was sitting in my office like any normal day the phone rang I answered it was very normal until the caller told me that my mother in the hospital and Her condition is bad i was so surprised my mother was fine what happen so I hurry up to me car to go to the hospital to check on my mum and as I expected the doctor asked for Medical analysis but the thing that I didn't expected my mum had a cancer!!!!!!!!  I was so shocked I started screaming to the doctor saying what the fuck how this could happen how could this happen 
Doctor: it happen and we will find a solution and Therapy
Me: yah yah yah a fucking therapy you tell me my mum has a Crab cancer and it would be okey after a fucking while she would lose her senses she wouldn't see me or hear me how just I can accept it it would kill my mother 
Doctor: pls don't do that there is a hope 
Me: yah yah yah yah a fucking hope me and you know that she wouldn't handle it and i left madly 
"chapter two" 
#mother you are the best thing that happen to me you are my blood and I knew you love me and I really love you 
I couldn't handle the idea about losing her she was my father and my sister and my everything 
So I worked day and night to  guarantee her safety and good therapy I couldn't handle the idea that she would gone she is my only family I couldn't stand the idea that I will never have her hug again never hear her voice again I couldn't stand the idea that she is laying on the bed her decease is killing her and I'm Arms folded i couldn't do any thing for her except working 
My face changed it became to pail my tired eyes want to go to a big sleep and how when my mum suffering from this disease that it's like the monster but what I'm doing no one can understand me you know the feeling of someone you love is dying and you are sitting can't do any thing to help him that is a pethatic and that is the worst feeling ever 
"chapter three" 
My mum sickness made me philosopher started sitting alone what happen to the old cocky the womanizer man who had all woman hearts he became weak his mother sickness eat him without mercy how this is my life 
Life is a fucking thing we think ourselves happy but we aren't we just live and we do that not to make it boring and the day have came the day that I hate but the wierd thing about it b that may mum didn't die by cancer she died by a car accident a car hit her 
This showed me how disgusting death is 
Death plays with our feelings but this life 
After I lost my mum I started drinking too much and drinking drugs so my best friend suggest to go to a group therapy I was thinking about not to going but my best friend insisted on doing that when I went thier saw alot of people suffering from death of somebody else there were alot of stories 
Lilac: my father died when he knew that I have breast cancer it was so hard on him and I also woman will only understand my hair will fallen and it would be no breast I'm now alone I have no one and no man will love me or look at me 
# cancer disease is to me not a disease it is a monster who kill people 
And there was sirina 
Sirina: I lost my son in car accident because of me I lost my baby my love every time I walk on a street all what I see is my son 
# life and death is a fucker 
Every story were told but the one that touched me is Lilac may be becouse she have the same disease that my mother had may be she is reminding me of my mother 
After two days after the group therapy 
Lilac: hey!  Are you Mr cocky? 
Me:   Cocky Bridget with you 
Lilac: wanna ride to home 
Me: okey!  Your car is nice I used to have a car like these but I sold it for my mum 
Drop me here, thank you 
Lilac: anytime 
I was lying on the bed found my self hold my mobile and said 
Me: can you go out with me 
Lilac: yaah 
On my date with her i just wanted to walk and talk and she understood that 
Date after dater day after day we became closer boyfriend and girlfriend I loved her i really loved her i saw in her eyes my mum and I said to my self she is the one 
"chapter four"
Yah!  She broke up with me 
But why and how all these questions and I don't know the answers 
She broke up with me by a text 
She said to me life forces us to accept her accept troubles but I want let her to make all of my choices and I broke up with you,  i free you 
Me: free me!!!!!!!  I love you 
She blocked me I want to know what happened to her at least 
I went to the group therapy to see any one know something about her know anything about her but no one!!!  until I got a text from someone a unknown number telling me where she is 
Lilac was in a hospital making a surgery I went to her 
Me: knocked on the door 
Lilac: (surprised!!!) Hey, how you knew??  
Me: i think the question is why!!! 
Lilac: afraid 
Me: from what?  
Lilac: from you!!!  
Any way if you want to talk about the broke up thing I want to finish it early as it will be finished sooner or later 
Me: sooner or later 
I made desscions in my life that I wasn't sure about but there is something I'm sure about 
Lilac: what 
Lilac: pls cocky leave right now 
Me: you are my right desscions  
When you left me I found out that I couldn't live with out you I was insane searching of you 
Lilac: leave right now 
Me: why!! 
I like you, no 
I love you and you love me I know that why why 
Lilac: ( feel the pain feel that shout feel the love of a woman who sacrifice her love)  becouse of these 
Can you live with these can you live in a house with a man like you  
Lilac: you are just saying that becouse of your stupid feelings pls leave leave I don't want to put you in a stupid situation!!  
Me :......... 
Lilac: thank you Mr cocky for your visiting you may leave now 
# for all men who say women's waek they are extremely strong they are superheroes,  yuuuh girl the one you reading these you are superhero 
Me: i love you I won't leave you I want to marry you 
Lilac: I refuse you 
Me: i want you 
Lilac: I love you 
Me: i love you 
We marry ofcourse I was the happiest man ever but death play his game she died 
"chapter five"  
Or should I say she suicide yaah how 
She couldn't handle the idea that I'm happy 
She want to feel like a lady but she couldn't 
She thought like this that she made me free 
# as people say time heals everything 
I countine living working having sex all of these but I couldn't live with out here so I suicide yaah cocky suicide and He Donated to charity for breast cancer patients
He thought or I thought love is like a oxygen and my oxygen run out how I could live any more 

And that's ofcourse the ending that everyone want or the disgusting love want us actually w
hile I'm writing I want these to be the ending too the ending about a two lovers a ending like a fairy tales 
But the sad truth is we are humans 
We are selfish 
We are vainglorious
I left Lilac when I saw her breasts my thoughts and myself can't live with that 
My pride made me left her
My all humans and this is our instinct 
My brain couldn't handle the idea about that 
I couldn't handle the idea of living with a girl of Man body!!!!!! 
We all lying 
We all lairs 
We all monsters 
Or just we are humans 
The only truth is Lilac really suicide as she couldn't handle living like that 
And cocky suicide of feeling the guilt 
But I won't make you sad or just............ 
Enjoy the other ending 
Cheer up its life:-) 
And yaaah it's about sex!!!!!!!!! 



OsCaR (nadashaheen)

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