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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Said I wouldn't brake his heart,

But I still broke him.

He's the fool cause I lied,

Yelling I never cared from outside.

I cared alot but it was too hard to express it.

And with that our love got neglected.

Responses slower then calls got rejected.

Supposed to be about love and affection.




I never meant to be so hard to love.

But you were dealing with a girl that had never been loved.

Loved properly by a man, so with your love came my fear.

And I'm sorry my dear

Its hard when fear and love compress.

But let me confess


You used to put me in my favourite mood.

Now I camouflage my broken heart with my attitude

I should have tried harder

And I should have done better. 

Your love was my shelter 

 But I guess it's a lesson

You lost patience then you lost intrest.


I know I'm not the greastest.

You deserved better and I can't face it.




But you used to love me in the morning.

Your addiction.

In your t-shirt in your kitchen.

My eyes became your favourite colour,

Told me you'd never loved another.

Another like you loved me. 





I used to love you in the morning

Even at night with your snoring

Your eyes became my favourite colour 

Believe me when I say it was hard to lose my other

my other half

I loved the smell of wood on your plaid shirts

Loved dancing at breakfast in your t-shirts 

And you were my addiction

But now your my affliction




Wild with the street thugs

Phone switched to silent in the strip clubs

Doing all the wrong drugs.

Just to feel right again, 

But I couldn't feel right missing you my friend.

"I can't save you from you"

And you were wrong and I'm the fool cause you lied.

You always saved me from me.













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