Lady In Red

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Morning

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Lady In Red


A new day.

 She opened her eyes to find herself in her familiar luxurious bed. Her bedroom was unlit, dim and completely closed until the system registered her awakening. Once it did, a bedside lamp began to emit dim light, one that slowly increased in strength as the system registered her eventual adjustment to it. As Elise slowly rose, her tire soon fading, the wall that her bed laid against began to open. It parted, the solid wall shifting into the roof and ceiling, to allow in a shaft of bright light. Eventually most of the entire wall, and that adjacent to it was gone, revealing a clear glass that faced out from the corner of the building to a beauteous view of the entire city stretching far beyond.

Elise left her bed and while transfixed upon the view of the rising sun and city scape, approached her bedside table. Tapping a stark white controller on top of it, her clothing, at that point minimal, changed immediately to a set of casual apparel. She continued her long look out at the cityscape and the orange tinted skies. The weather, beautiful brought a joyous beginning to that day, though one that wouldn’t last long. Elise was happy to be notified by a multitude of sources, most importantly the images projected across her right eye that no “jobs” were queued for her that day.

Eventually, she left her room with a defined spring to her steps. More eagerly, than usual, she sped through her daily tasks and passed through to the mezzanine of a tall living room, of which the opposite wall was also clear glass.

 A red sofa of supple leather faced out to the window and the beautiful view. Lumped on top of it, a mass of covers and pillows, worn of misuse were piled atop a woman whose deep brown hair was strewn over the couch's edge. As she approached the woman, Elise began to hear the music playing from a phone on the arm besides the woman's head.

 A rendition of “I did it my way”. Elise certainly knew it was nothing that the woman would ever choose to listen to. Likely just a chain of automatic videos playing overnight that eventually arrived at the song. Elise couldn't help but smile at the image as she passed by her and on into the connecting kitchen. She decided to let her continue sleeping uninterrupted for now and left her. She poured a beverage, begun cooking strips of bacon and making toast. It is notable, that in such an age, these processes were almost instantaneous. She re-entered her living room, two plates of a distinctly unhealthy breakfast that they ate far to often in hand. A miniscule movement of her finger and a table and second sofa rose from the floor opposite the other. At this point the music had gotten frustratingly loud and Elise saw it fit to switch off the annoyance. Noticing its absence, the woman, wearing black pyjamas, slowly stirred, grunting with her own annoyance at being woken. Her words slurring, she “said” “Wh-who turned off my music?”

“Maybe the only other person ever here.” She responded sarcastically.

“It could’ve been…” Having turned around and sat up she paused in exaggerated disbelief that Elise non-the-less enjoyed and forgetting her train of thought, asked “Is that bacon?”

“No, it’s poisoned horse meat.” Elise replied jokingly, as she passed it over to her.

“I fucking love you.” The woman said joyously as she uncovered herself, grabbed her plate and begun eating.

After relative silence had been assumed for the sake of eating, the woman adopted a more serious yet loving tone.

“I missed you last night.” she said softly

“I missed you to” Elise returned, side-lining her egotistical jokings just long enough to share a touching moment.

A couple seconds later Elise added “I did miss you a lot when I was getting…” She stopped for a moment “What did happen to me last night?”

“You got blown up." The woman announced in no effort to display the enormity of such a statement. "They just didn't want you keep the memories of being a disembodied head looking down at your body as your guts spilled out. And so they left those out in reconstruction.” She explained in an ironically chipper and exaggerated toned so as Elise couldn't help but smile.

“So, the usual.” Elise quipped and after a few seconds inquisited, “What's new with you?”

The woman looked at Elise in exaggerated disappointment, “Yes because running an art shop is so much more interesting to talk about than being a spy agent”

At this point, done with her breakfast she got up of the sofa and walked to the same form of white controller as in their bedroom on a desk beside the kitchen door. Tapping it her clothing changed from pyjamas to a pair of leggings and a white shirt with text that was presumably a reference to something that Elise didn't understand.

“Well then, what do you want to do today?” Elise questioned.

“You're free?” The woman inquisited, somewhat surprised.

“For now, at least, though you never know when someone's gonna start thinking that a grenade is a tennis ball and I have to be called in.”

The woman, ignoring Elise's “joke” answered, “Well I need to go to work in…” checking her watch “about know actually.”

Elise responded “Well….”


She stopped abruptly, seeming suddenly tensed.


She didn't respond.

After many seconds of strange silence, she finally returned to her body and explained “Oh um- I just got a message on my eye, Jonathan being an asshole. Um- anyways.” Adamant to change the subject all of a sudden.” You should get going, you're gonna be late.”

“I suppose I should.” She said, worried but knowing that if anything “serious” was afoot it would be best to do as Elise directed.

She kissed Elise on the cheek and said goodbye as she opened the door and left. As the door swung shut, Elise breathed a sigh of relief.

A moment of relaxation. One that wouldn't last very long. She was happy to have gotten her out of the building without visibly reacting to the information she had received. A jubilation that lasted just until Elise noticed the red dot….

As it slowly moved to the centre of her forehead...




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