I won't answer my phone

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Second chance for you.

Correction no third chance "dude".

Priorities like a fool's paradise

You were my number one never let your calls ring twice.

Tried my best for you, did my best for you.

Why you did me wrong couldn't tell you I'm no Nancy Drew

Gave you my heart but you went and broke all it all into pieces.

Can't find my peace with it.

We're both fucked up in life.

But I don't wanna make nice

 Loved you like I wasn't paid to meet you in the first place.

You lost your dream girl nothing will fill that space.

Thought we were making your house into our home.

But now your calls get rejected in my telephone

Lied so much I think you almost believed it too.

Saying that I played you 

How bout you stop with the lies and for once tell those girls the truth

I'd probably go through hell if my kids had come from you.

Telling me I'm not real, cause I cut you loose.

If I can't trust who I lie with what the fuck am I to do.

Your talking shit hoping they'll be sympathetic

 But you won't get that when your the one thats pathetic.

I bet you hate yourself.

Can't play me but you can play yourself.

Ring twice, won't pick up the phone

It's you that wrecked what could have been our happy hone

You cheated, surprised I didn't see it coming.

Should have left and never ever stopped running

Your were always arguing over nothing

Going through my phone hoping to god you'd find something. 

All I seen was me loving you guess I got blind from it.

When it came to loyalty you were unfit.

Know the answers in my head, but I got three questions.

Did you love me? Was it worth it at all? Did you regret the fact you made all those calls.

 Acting like I'm the only one you kissed.

So many men in the world I deserved to be treated better then this.

Thought we were missing eachother all day.

Had to find out the hard way.

Only seen the good in you now all is see is evil.

Never seen the things I should have paid attention for.

Your the cheater funny I was faithful but you called me the whore.

But jokes on you when you lose the one you love.

And cokes on you when you have to buy your love. 



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