fall in the trap

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Your ex left so you put up a gaurd.

Endings your learnt can be really hard.

Can't cry so you just sit in the dark.

Had good vibes but now its broken apart.

Dieing to get the respect you deserve.

When they get crazy you know when to swerve

Your dream guy won't text you back in the morning.

Remember your ex and take it as a warning

You start feeling less then a women. But your one hell of a women.

Fighting like a gladiator fihting like a romen

You want to cut them off but you love them.

Bad experiences taught you not to trust men

Why do you think you keep going back?

Walking away when love starts feeling more like a heart attack

Cause your used to the pain.

But now you refrain

Looking for a real one.

Fell in love with when you told him "we're done"

Can't be alone so you deal with it.

But now you've started saying fuck this

Back to the trap, don't know how to help yourself.

Treated so bad you lost respect for yourself. 

You love him but he treats you like he hates you.

That's not what someone that love's you would do

You've done everything for him but he's still not thankful.

Giving up when things become a constant push and pull

You need more respect your a lady.

Now you know he was wrong when he said  "your the one thats crazy"

You need a man not a boy trying play tough.

Love's a battlefield and you started to hate looking rough

Your laughing but your eyes got pain.

Restless nights started making you strained

Just trust me I know I'm dealing with the same.

Your not unlucky cause the man you love won't change.

At this point did a real man ever even exist.

When he couldn't say know to a tempest

Talking about how bitches ain't shit.

Got hurt so many times that your tired of it

You deserve to feel how you feel, what your feeling isn't wrong.

Hoping things are real with the next one that comes along

Cause you lived through pain living in a house that was never a real home.

The best thing you ever did was ditching your telephone

That was mental abuse correct me if you think I'm wrong.

You belong with a man that'll treat you right along




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