A Dapper Gentleman

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



I saw a dapper gentlemen 
walking down my street
Nattily attired 
down to the wing tips on his feet. 
His gait was slow but steady 
unhampered by his style,
Fedora on his silver head 
bespoke his lack of guile.
The air was hot and heavy, 
an unforgiving sort of day,
But his houndstooth coat stayed buttoned 
as he sauntered on his way.
I know I stared and smiled
Perhaps hoping for a glance.
But no, he passed me right on by 
in neatly creased brown pants. 
I watched him as he strode away
And I could feel it in my gut
That he was perfectly unaware 
of the figure that he cut. 
I think knew right then and there 
exactly what transpired. 
To be like this dapper gentlemen
Is what I now aspired. 
He can keep his coat, his hat, his shoes
Perhaps you are not seeing. 
His style is his, I have my own
I want his ease of being.

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