Dear Unknown

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017




I wouldn't want to tell your name yet because the world would perceive it in the wrong way. They would look down on you and mostly me for I have dared.


I know that we have nothing in between us but would it be wrong to think that it might happen?


Is it okay to think about you while you are unaware that I have got you on my mind?


Is it okay to talk bad about you while my heart tells a different tale?


Is it okay to be curious about you while you sit there talking with your friends?


Is it okay to write you messages knowing that you would never reply?


Is it okay to feel that you might be the cure for all my problems?


Is it okay to dream about you and regret it in the morning?


Is it okay to check when you were online so I could curse myself for having missed the chance to talk to you?


If I tell you that I want to know about you, your story, your inspiration. Will you turn me down?  Or will you tell your friends and laugh at me for being so silly?


Would you notice me then? Would I become existent in your world? Would you want to know about me too? Or would you simply ignore?


Would you walk with the poker face, once again hiding your feelings from the world?




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