All My Dreams

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Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



All My Dreams


A little while after the candle burnt out I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands.  I set out to find Shadow Girl at night.  I walked back to  my parents house and got the car and headed for a local vista point where I thought she might be hiding.  Perhaps it was a different fate though that was to find me that night, and after driving for hours I decided to pick up this hitch-hiker and try one more stop.  I was immediately struck by the plastic piping that he had wrapped all around his body, they looked like sticks of dynamite.  I wasn't one to question any one's attire though.  He was one to tell me though.  He didn't have a name as so many of those passengers as I have learned do but he was one to tell me of his intentions, he was practicing, practicing to become a suicide bomber.  He told me that he had enough of this life and he was aimed to destroy himself and as many people as possible along with him. 

He didn't make much of it really, didn't provide a reason for his destruction.  Quickly turing the subject to me, and what my intentions were of the night.  I told him the truth because I figured that he was one to listen for some reason.  I told him that I was going to go to one more shadowy spot above the town and just for that reason look for my Girlfriend, because she happened to be most comfortable at night.  It was simple enough and I left it at that.  Told him that I would be able to drop him off anywhere in town he would like after that, as long as he was just practicing to be a suicide bomber and wasn't going to blow anyone up on account of me.  He agreed and said that soon they would see his ways but not today, that he was just practicing and that his clothing was actually fake and only to get him ready to become a suicide bomber.  I felt relieved, and I did offer him finally that one piece of advice that this was something that I actually could not stand for but would give him this modest passage as long as he was ok with me making one last final stop.

There it was, the place where I hoped to find her, my Shadow Girl, she is ever so fast so being so far from town wasn't really discouraging.  There was an errie silence in the car so I got out and my passenger followed.  We were above the town now, looking down at the lights.  I described to my disturbed passenger how I loved her, this, this Shadow Girl, and I was one to bring up the fact that she had a roommate but he didn't seem very interested.  Told me more of his ways of destruction and how he planned to end a little piece of the civilization that we saw below. 

"How can you say that you can blow up some of this city below us here fair traveler, what do you see now that is so disturbing?  I challenge you to say one thing."  I said.

He sat there in silence for a while.

"I will do it all the same, and thank you for the ride."  Said the Traveller.

"I believe in your powers and commitment and I see you as real, as unfair as you might be, is there anything that I could do to change your mind."  I said.

"Yes ... there is one thing, I need this Shadow Girl that you speak of ... I need her for myself."  He said.

"She is not mine to give."

"You asked me so I will say that this is what I need, true love?"  Said the Traveler.

We were in the shadows this whole time the shadows of the night, with the brilliant shimmering city blazing away in the low. 

What would you have known but she took his hand.  It was Shadow Girl, and they walked right out of my life.

I stayed there for a while, tailgating as it might be, I popped the top on a beer, a tasty beer.  I thanked Shadow Girl and the elders for that as it might be and I admired the unmarred city below, when all of a sudden I heard a loud explosion from down the road.  I knew immediately what it must have been and I ran, ran to where Shadow Girl must have been with my passenger.

I went back to my beer after inspecting the wreckage and knew that at least ... at least there was still a chance for Light Girl.  I didn't see her around at all this night.  I was there until the sunrise on the loneliest night of my life.  The Ambulance and Police came and questioned me in the morning as I was around but I said that I had heard of nothing and that they were just happy that the man was alone.  Around 10AM after the Police had all left and I was just running out of beer there she was dressed in black with her red lips, it was Shadow Girl, I was saved.




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