Your Bear

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This is a poem I wrote for my dad as a Father's Day present for him. He died last year and it's been so hard on my family, but we've been doing great. His memory will live within us for the rest of our lives. Also, "Bear" was his nickname for me. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Dear Dad,


It’s me, it’s your bear

Just checking to see if you’re still there

Watching over me from above

Filling my very soul with so much love

It’s Father’s Day, and I just wanted to say

Your unconditional love has inspired me every single day

From the spiritual reminders to never let my guard down

To the memories of being told not to where a frown

I’m actually getting pretty scared because I’m turning into you

I walk around yelling at people, shouting nothing but the truth

But on a serious note, I’m proud to be a miniature Isaac Earl

You’re the only person I’d rather be in this entire world

I just want to cry I miss you so much

But I don’t because I know you’ll most likely tell me, “Boy straighten yo face up!”

With all of that being said, I also want to give thanks

For you choosing to raise me when the children you already fathered were high in the ranks

That is something extraordinary that only a true father would do

Which is why I’m so very glad that someone was you

The time has come where I have to say goodbye

But it makes no difference since I’ll see you tonight

In my dreams, as I sleep, creating more memories to share

I’ll see you real soon


With much love,

Your Bear

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