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My thoughts on Believe, what is believe, where does it come from, the power of believe.

Submitted: June 17, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



The Power so mystic all human are blessed by birth and as we matured we harness this mystical power. There is not a single creature on this planet either us as a human being or any other animals that don't have this inner feeling. If and only if you are not bound to have such deep inner feelings or to have a thought of it then with heavy heart and a sorrow grief to you my lovely friend, you are not meant to be living your life as you are supposed to live, sadly you have no desire to live this life. If you have such desire not only to live your life but to fulfil your any other so-called desires then you ought to have it inside of you like a blazing fire so big it could lighten up any darkness no matter how dark and impossible it may seem. This tiny-winey word as we see and hardly could we think of it has a massive power within it to change anything, anyone at anytime. And still, we are so, so arrogant we dare to challenge it now and then. The result which we receive is so impulsive that no one is to blame for their idiotic nonsense. But those who embrace this power they had to conquer the world and won every battle no matter if it’s with life, love, society, ambition, war, death and even yourself it’s always a winner. The flower so beautiful filled with fragrance and colours yet vibrant and calm in nature the powerful feelings we all creature have, the light we all want, the word we all speak that of BELIEVE. 

Babies as you have seen at the time of birth they are free from all the worldly pleasure. The only thing that matters is when they are hungry he/she might be able to find the source of the food that is mother’s milk. Besides that, they don’t need anything from anybody except for love and compassion. As time flies away baby starts to understand the value of worldly pleasure and learn the tricks and technique to acquire them. Gradually baby lust for more that’s what baby learn from great instructor around him/her. The sweetness of the fruit as ripe by the immense care and nurture likewise the emotions and feelings that innocence baby will develop as he/she grow to be a profound human being. But the course of the time plays an unfaithful role to those wonderful individuals. Whom to blame is it we, our civilisation or education that we give to our generation how these worldly pleasures are so much important to us or simply blame time. Whoever to blame for sadly we are in such a critical situation it’s hard to amend any mistakes. In this 21st century as we know by new world even our generation had come to be new all moulded by this so called worldly pleasure blindfolding themselves so they are unable to see a hope of belief in them. 

As I mentioned before not just we human beings but other living creature they live by believe. Have you ever tuned to National Geographic channel where different technical personality passionately try to show you the life of the animals and birds? I still remember in my childhood they used to show the king of the jungle so fierce yet graceful in his royal pose watches the grazing gazelle ready to take down. As he moves slowly trying his best to conceal all his movement and presence by blending with nature. But Gazelle are also concern regarding their surround even the slightest crack or faint movement makes them attention, more concern than that of the king of the jungle. Once the king locked his target, with any means he and his pack are ready to ambush that gazelle. They will make the first move and with the split of the second, they will launch the attack. Now there will be the race between lions and the poor gazelle but what fascinates me is there hope that they will win and their trophy will be a great feat of the gazelle. But they are unaware not only them even this beautiful and innocent looking gazelle have even the greatest hope that they will outrun lions and live another day. How interest both lions and gazelle with high hope to win. Believe that can transmute any thoughts into reality because there will be a power of hope. Yes, when you believe you will have a hope without hope there can’t be any believe. As you can see those animals if they have such high hope that gave the birth to believe then why we human are so sorry when it comes to believing.  

The seed of believe is seeded into us still we are unable to cultivate it. How’s this possible if we have the seed of believe yet we can’t flourish it. What is stopping us from germinating this wonderful flower of hope named believe? The answer to this question is as plain and simple as why the sky is blue and the plant is green. Isn’t it obvious they are the beautiful creation of nature unchanged by almighty time as well? Likewise we human thought we lack the seed of believe within us but the truth is it was there all the time. We are so much indulged in this worldly pleasure that we have forgotten we all human are blessed with the seed of believe. First remove the glaze of all the unwanted pleasure that’s essential, kind of the requirement. When it’s raining and if you like to go out without getting wet then either you have to use umbrella or raincoat likewise until unless you are unable to shed the outer layer of your so called worldly pleasure you are not able to attend the power of believe remember we can conquer this world if we just believe in idea, vision, plan, goal, passion or anything you just need to have a faith upon believe.

Mahatma Gandhi as we all know him as a great personality who withstand the mighty force of British Empire. No one could believe a man with a wooden stick in his hand wearing a plain white dhoti and a rounded glasses, just a normal looking human holds a abounded power of believe not only for himself but for all those who followed him believed upon him and his believe. This man never let the burning flame of believe go dim or vanish rather he let it burn so bright that the glowing light can be seen from miles away shading the light of hope on the darkness. Just like him, there was another man in the other corner of the world showing the same courage and the power of his believe. He was fighting against the inequality and civil rights to his fellow black Americans. If he had not acquired the power of believe then not only the black people but the white people would never believe upon him and his dreams. That’s the main reason why when Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. profoundly gave his famous speech “I have a dream” If this speech was not fueled by the immense believe then it would only be a speech of a merely black man and somewhere lost or forgotten by the time. But the charisma of his speech and the dream he had made him the hope of all Americans who believed in the equal right of both black and white people. History holds the truth and it cannot be hide or bend as it’s written and documented so that every generation can get the truth about the specific event occurred during that time frame. Believe so simple yet it wields the power to change the world and there are hundreds and thousands of great people out there in history who used this power to change the world. Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, Mahatma Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, you name it, in different time period there were those who knew they had the seed called hope within themselves and this seed will germinate to be the flower of believe. They conquer everything every power no matter the difficulties they had to face but they knew in every single believe there is a bright light of hope.

Believe is slow yet powerful. Patience is the key foundation for Believe and human in every means lack this quality hence we don’t have faith upon believe. You can't expect the flower to blossom from anywhere we all now the law of nature and time. There are no one almighty then nature and time so don’t ever expect merely believe upon yourself and you can conquer the world. That’s not how it works, believe go hand to hand with hope this power will give you a reason to move ahead and face all the difficulties on your way to success or achievement. Blind or hopeless believe can’t blossom it has to be focused one ready to devote every bit of yourself to achieve what you have believed for. Moreover, you need to have an unfathomable patience as it will take far more time than you have imagined, no one dare to go against almighty time. Believe is burning flame which will never die it keeps on casting light to the shadow till we have hope, as believe, is the body and hope its soul.  

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