The Subtle Flicker of Life

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Confidence is key, as the saying goes. That can be difficult when you don't have faith in your foundation. Still, what options are there but to move forward

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



The Subtle Flicker of Life



The subtle flicker of life's disdain,

The bell tolls for the vessel in pain,

How long must be the wait for reprieve?

Edging towards the curtain, essence unweav’d.


Time passes by, consciousness without respite,

No repose, no cessation, no rest, no time,

Still it flickers, vaporous fumes failing despite,

For what? For what, in pursuit of this climb?


Time waits for no man, or so they say,

What then, of our anguish? Of the burdens we bear?

Am I to kneel to a God I do not believe and pray?

No matter, I'll follow suit, change the mask I wear.


I wish not for a lighter load to carry,

Only that in my turmoil I wouldn't worry,

For in life any man can find his ferry,

Lest the road less travelled be very much blurry.


The road has left me unrecognisable and marred,

Blurred vision vignettes into a close darkness,

Hope feels hopeless when brought to bear are scars,

And yet, lines never define, hearken, hearken,


Defiance whispers 'chin up', and so I rise, and march,

To contend with debilitation and push, stalwart and firm,

My demons surround me, unshadowed under the great black arch,

“Fear is an obstacle”, au contraire, anxieties proffer to enforce and reaffirm,

Where will resides, no reward can be afforded too large,

So here I stand, resolved... My will absolute? Absolute I affirm...

© Copyright 2018 Con Campbell. All rights reserved.

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