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As our fours' degree is finished and it's almost Graduation days... we are finished with everythin so I decided to write a farewell poem for my friends my classmates ..the poem is in two languages i.e. Urdu.Hindi and English. I will miss my friends and the time I spent in college would be the most eminent time I would ever miss

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



There was a time dear there was a time
When we used to keep the fun at prime
You remember #MUSKA our group study?
When we used to give it 10 minutes and shut in hurry!
'Tinku! One cup chai and Zeera Plus please'
'Huh? Me akeli jaun? I used to tease!'
'Allah! Cafe is here not so far Tani,' used to say #IQRA Khani!
'Jaldi jaldi ye khatam krty hen Iqra,' 
'We don't have much time! #RABIA had always her point!'
Remember it was prayer room? 
I was standing in front of mirror bloom!
'Muskaaa it's so much light here selfie please 
Yes Tinku this day must be one of the memo-ries!
I'll be missing you so much for there can be no one to whom I can say 
'Mara muje tum py hi gussa nae ata Muska,' others do have to pay!

There was a time when we used to have fun in trance
Remember #NAQEEBA? How we used to stage a couple dance!
Ha-ha #AEMAN see! Yad ha wo step? That made us laugh to belly clutch
'Once more once more!' #Tanzeela used to shout so much!
I remember #TEHNIAT swaying herself in drunken trance 
'Yar ye kesy karty ho mujsay q nae hota..ha-ha baby belly dance!'
Tehniatt I'll miss those selfies where we look like sisters my mom used to say
Youcam perfect, B612, Beauty cam oh no original camera please look at our faces hey!
'Nae nae chup raho hey moti-cat teach me Salsa now
I see #KIRAN. A even if I didn't do good she would say oh wow!
'#MUNAZZA used to interfere 'ye ulty kam inhi ko aty hen chor do'
I can never have the strength to let all you guys leave n go!

There was a time when we used to get so tired of lectures
That it seemed our bones of backs got fractures
I won't say anything cz' I couldn't stay awake or active
I used to sleep in every class 
and #ASMA and #ZILAY didn't leave a chance to have me as their mobile's captive!
Asmaaa! You are so sweet as no one can be
Your "Awwwww" would never get forgotten by me!
#Zilay's Kishware haseen shad baad with her hair caressed by her hands 
There then on the stage as a model she stands!
I remember NAQEEBA how you used to ruin my lipstick with your hand and run :( 
You used to come and stand beside me for 10 seconds
I didn't realize the reason of you standing so innocently ..
That used to be  your aim you bloody little Einstein!
You've made me run before you from one to nine!
and how you all messed up my hair when I were loving them 
Awwoohhh Awwooh don't you dare touch my hair I used to scream n fret
My lovely #MASCARA #EYELINER #BB+ that I will never forget!
'Tani kabi to make-up k bagher ajaya karo yar #MUSKA that was so rude of you!' :(
#SADAF please give me your cell ....a morning selfie! Aren't you my best friend too?
"Do I look good?' I used to say while making poses like this n that
'Yar tusi to ho e sohny' ... Aww thank you #SADAF my beautiful rat! :P
'Janooo aj to hum milay hi nae' #MUNEEBA remember how you used to open your arms for me?
'Muni you had always been sleeping when I met you used to forget, see!

Hey listen someone is sayin, 'Naqeeba sirf tumhari dost nae h meri b ha huhnhh!'
This is Little Sparrow #SADAF. N chirping with jerks of breath huh huh!
Ha-ha! Now my toffee, my Momo, the Chatter-box, #SADAF
'Yar me kahan baten karti hun muje q ye title mila h can anyone guess?
'Behn you really talk too much qasam lay lo, I used to mess!'
'Yawrrr iskay cheeks ktny soft henn, ufffff, #TANIA 'Dont touch me yar !'
'I won't forget Tania Mooli you used to leave my cheeks a red scar !'
'Oyyee don't you dare touch my janz ki tukri!' Aww #RAAZIA thank you
'I would never get a friend I mean no one would ever get a friend as are you!'
I love the way you wrote on the board that I have got ocean eyes
I remember that day so clear that it brings teas in my eyes! :'( 

'Ok ok #NAIMA Relax! Calm down! Give your Ponytail a little bit sukoon
I won't say anything about you but ' Me mar jaungi lekin peechay nae bethungi Ha-ha!
But you see it's #Rehmat 'Meny b tumhara janaza nikal dena h 
But I won't also be sitting at the back you can sit on my lap ha-ha!'
'Chichi har wakt esy hi larti rahegi Nawaz Sharif ki krursi ho jesy , #MADIHA you know everything about her !
Bubly had always been right though #NAIMA had kept her secrets in blur !
You're so beautiful MADIHA the way you are 
So there's no need to cry over that scar!

There was a time that was so cheerful and full of fight
Assignments and projects, quizes and presentations
Yar esy karna h esy kr lengy kuch b nae h ismy; she's #ZILAY
We used to cry that we do not have much time
and she used to say it's nothing to worry about there's nothing nothing nothing!

'#SANA nay to sara ka sara kam kar lia wah bhai wah cheeti!'
#FATIMA, #ERUM and #KIRMAHMOOD used to be silent listeners, too pretty!
'Don't worry there's nothing to do in this assignment I'll do it all!' #ZUNERAH used to say 
You're so brilliant n talented #ZUNERAH , seriously you need to come n discover your way!
I won't skip ourselves, Tinku do the compilation dude! 
Muskaaa!!! I'm doing analysis I won't do. Don't you be so rude!
#IQRA? You do the compilation Please!
Yarrr Taniiii I've written Introduction and that and that me nae kar rahi "you" please!
Yar mail me, me khud kar lungi you guys don't worry, #NAQEEBA used to come
'Nae nae me kar leti hun!' From #MUSKA , 'Ok yar I'll do it!' From me
'Agar time mila to me kar dungi no issues!' From Iqra
Ok I'll type the work #RABIA is finally here my dear!
I don't know how to control this falling tear 
There's only love that I wanted to make you guys clear!

There was a time and it was a time that has gone
But how can we forget the lunch we had in lawn?
Lemme remind you the dialogue 
'Zindagi me pehli dafa apko bethny ka kaha gya h kia jo inty heran horhy hen?' Rub the fog!
Exactlyyy! Ma'am Hamsa ha-ha we had a great day with her
We shared our times even told there used to be no courage to murmur!
'Yar what has happened mam is not letting us go 
Biryani khatam hogae to bas phir we all will have to woe! :D 
Ha-ha Meny Biryanii khani thiii :( I remember 
That scene just reminds me of Back to December!
How much arrogant we got that day but it is okay
That day would never come again only the memories have their way!

There was a time and it was the last 
Four years seemed a lot but went so fast!
First two semesters went so well
The other we saw as if we were put into hell!
Ha-ha poor #BS #ENGLISH #VIII had always been oppressed
6 hours' classes two courses extra, 'Hamari bari py hi rules change hoty hen, why!!!!'
But wasn't it a part of fun? To study for 40 minutes n take 1 hours' break, Oh My My!
Mam used to say, 'I'll be in class at 4 P.M you must also have to be there'
'Acha choro yar araam araam say jaty hen Mam is abi tak seen no where!' #MISBAH and #TAYABA haha
I remember the time when no one used to be prepared for quiz 
Oh it's fine, 'mutual seating arrangement will help us out!' 
Tinku mery sath, Muska mujsy door nae jana, Iqraaa tum woooo intiiiii dooooor Don't talk!!!
We all used to be silent while test, even if we got zero we used to say we rocked!

Lastly, I would say eradicate the thoughts that we ever fought
Because it would be the last time that we will miss a lot!

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