Rat Soup

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Dinner the most exciting. Just my opinion.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017




Rat Soup

Another story with rat in the title?

Edited for the squeamish among us.


Jim Conway stared into his soup bowl and grasped the edge of the kitchen table and gripped it hard. Too much. Too d…..much Nora. Here I come. “ NORA!” That lazy …... “ Nora, sweetheart? Nora. are you still soaking in that tub?” Jim’s fists were clenched. Well honed wife beating fists. “ Come out Nora, I want to show you something really newsworthy.

“ Go away Jim. Go stew in the kitchen. What is it today anyway?”

“ Really Nora? Really. I’ll tell you what: there is rat s... in my soup. Yeah. Rat s.... Fine way to keep house you lazy…”

“ Shut up Jim. Do what you always do. You should have this down pat by now.”

“ Okay I can wait for you to come out. Then we can have our little talk.”

“ Sure thing love. You’ll have your little talk while beating the hell out of me. Can’t wait. Now get away from the door.”

Looking down Jim jumped at the sight of two rats on the legs of his jeans, fearlessly gnawing at the denim. Slamming them with open hands they flew across the hallway and began a slow walk back.

“B……..s. Nora, where are the traps? I just had two of them on me.” Jim watched nervously as the two rodents marched toward him. “ Come on Nora. The traps?”

“ You’re starting to bore me Jim. The traps are where they always are. Under the sink.” Jim gave out a weak,nervous laugh. “ Right. Yeah, under the sink.

Just short of a straight on run Jim went for the kitchen. Four rats walked along the counter. Two more were dragging food from Jim’s soup bowl.

Yeah, bring it you little …... I have something you’ll love. Jim opened the sink cabinet and knocked two of the pests off his pile of snap traps.

Moving like a madman Jim started to set the traps and place them baitless. As soon as he would set one he would hear the neck breaking snap of another already tripped. Klak,klak...klak. Like that? Oh yeah. I love it.

Nora called out from the tub. “ Having fun Jim? Killing a few are you?”

You’ll never get them all with those snap traps. Need poison. There are way too many.”

Klak. Snap. “ Not doing too bad Nora. These traps are working fine. Just fine.” Klak.  “ Need to reset the traps. Hear it? I’m getting them. Sure as hell.”

“ Jim. I have them all over me. You need poison. Too many for traps.”

“ Yeah, yeah you’re right for once Nora. I’m heading out. Get some bait.”

“ Good luck.”

What the hell is she talking about? “ Good luck with what?”

“ The doors Jim. The windows. You know you're not leaving.”

“ Like Hell you say.” Jim pulled at the front door. It never budged. “ You nail the door Nora?” Not waiting for an answer Jim pulled at the side door. Stuck. “ Nora? What the Hell?”

“ Exactly.”

“ What?”

“ Come on in Jim. I unlocked the door.”

Walking into the bathroom Jim fell against the sink as he watched dozens of rats gnawing at his wifes nude and bloated body.” Nora.?”

Nora, blue and swollen rose from the cold water of her forever bath. Flesh fell in huge slabs from her body. “ See Jim. Just so many rats. Too many really. But I’m almost eaten.” Hollow eye sockets still found a way to look at Jim. “ How about you husband? How much of you is left? Not much I bet.”

Jim looked into the sink’s mirror. He screamed a hollow scream as his one remaining eye fell to the floor.






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