Creatures from hell

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Five people chosen at random to defeat the threat which lingers around the village of Salmine. They use their expertise to get past the obstacles which block their way. But are they strong enough to kill all the evil creatures which will destroy their home? Join them on their adventure to see what their fate is.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Creatures from hell


Chapter One – The wall


We have to get over these walls, quick. The monsters from the deep beyond will be here any minute now, we have to move fast. “Any ideas” I ask the others.

“Uhhh, we could combine our forces and breakthrough” Harrold suggests.

“No, it wouldn’t work, the walls are too strong.” Sara contradicts. We are faced with a large wall which is about two and a half stories high. There is no getting up by climbing and the walls are too thick to break though, unless, unless we could go under somehow.

“I have an idea” I share with my friends of war. “We could tunnel our way underneath the walls using Gerald’s fire, if you have the strength to do that.” Gerald is the mage in our squad of five; he is only an apprentice but swiftly learning the expertise of magic. He has been wounded badly in the heat of the battle and has little mana remaining. Right now, he is our only hope.


“I can create a tunnel but I don’t know if I can get all the way through.” Gerald tells us.

“Get as far as you can, we will provide cover” I assure Gerald “Isaac, you stay close to Gerald, Sara, you do what you do best and Harrold, give them everything you have”

“They don’t stand a chance” Harrold laughs eager for the blood of his foes. We all proceed to our positions whilst we wait for Gerald to finish the tunnel. I provide covering fire with my prize bow which is almost pure emerald. This bow has kept me alive from situations worse than this and I am sure it won’t let me down. From a distance I see Sara behind a large tree removing her blades from her throwing knife pouch. She raises the knife, readying the deadly weapon to be released from her hand accurately. Oppositely, Harrold is in the open holding his Warhammer high in the sky taunting the unseen monsters to come and fight. Isaacs a bit in front me to my left. He is banging his shield getting ready for the inevitable blood bath. Gerald is sweating hard, working on his tunnel, pulling the ground apart with magic, soaring flames coming from his hands which burn through the ground immensely. I and the others hear the hostile growls and vicious snarls from the other end of the forest. Their coming, I raise my bow and straighten my back, tensing the string, narrowing my eyes, I see one. The small green deformed creature from hell leaps past the tree line of the forest, but won’t make back to the ground alive. I release the arrow. The fun begins.


Chapter 2 – Origin of fifths



Two weeks earlier


“Now, you all know why you’re here.” Lord Charles bellows to the crowd “But in case for some reason you don’t know…” I am in a crowd of twenty people, we are all nervous from what’s about to happen because if we are chosen it could mean our deaths. The majority of people around me are just skilled warriors who are experts with swords. A few are archers or mages but most just the usual melee fighter. “You are here because Salmine is infested with monsters” Lord Charles continues “All of you are the best fighters who occupy this village and the king needs your help and of course, we can’t send you all away because we can’t gamble on losing five lives, so, we have picked five people at random to take on this mission which will be like suicide. Any objections before the names are read out” I hear nervous chattering all around me, nobody wants to die but nobody wants to disobey the king. “Before you object” Lord Charles adds “You will be seen as a coward and will be shamed for life if you back out” After that, there is silence for about thirty seconds which felt like an hour.


“The first name is Isaac” A scribesman announces.  There are sighs of relief from those who weren’t picked. However, Isaac was shivering from fear, we all know how dangerous and vicious these monsters are and Isaac is no different. People around him disperse to allow him to walk up to the raised floor where Lord Charles stands. Isaac has said nothing once he is on the stage he just stands there in sorrow. “The next name is” The scribesman continues. “Harrold”

“YES!” Everyone turns to the noise, including me, it was Harrold. “It’s time to show these monsters whose boss!” Harrold shouts in triumph. Most of us know Harrold, and most of us know that he loves to fight. He is a bloodthirsty maniac who loves nothing more than to make those you oppose him suffer. However he isn’t evil, he just goes over the top and gets too immersed into the battle. Harrold is well built with gigantic muscles and only uses heavy weapons such as battle-axes or Warhammers. Similarly, Isaac is well built but a little smaller than Harrold and not quite big in the muscles, Isaac is a professional when it comes to shields he has mastered the art of shields and can defend himself from any blow. Isaac is a blacksmith, a good one as well; he knows all the ins and outs when it comes to weapons. He can craft you a steel longsword in no time flat.


“This is going to be fun isn’t it” Harrold nudges Isaac when he gets up onto the stage.

“If you find dyeing fun, then yes” Isaac counters. Harrold ignores the pessimist comment and awaits the next name. “The next name is Adrian” The scribesman announces once again. My heart stops when I hear my name. I knew there was a chance I could get picked but I didn’t think I would actually get picked. Just like the other two, everybody gives me space to walk forward. I try to move my legs forward but they wouldn’t move, I was frozen with fear. “You can do this” I tell myself in my head. I force my leg forwards and then the other and without realising I make it up onto the stage with my two companions. “You ready skinny boy” Harrold asks me, mocking me. I am a lot slimmer compared to Harrold but I am not skinny. I have long dark hair with small stubble. I am average height and have an average build. I look at Harrold in the eyes “Are you ready to grab my hand when you are lying on the floor bleeding out.”


Two more names to go. “The fourth name is Sara” A woman appears from out the crowd and onto the stage; she is acting neutrally towards her situation. She doesn’t seem to care that she could die on this mission. Sara has dark eyes which could kill someone if you stare to long. Even the loud mouth Harrold doesn’t acknowledge her. He just stares in disbelief. Sara brings a strange aura to our group, a negative one. She has the face of a killer with no sympathy or mercy, just murder.  The dark clothed woman looks as if she kills on a regular and enjoys it immensely. After what seemed like an eternity of staring at Sara the scribesman prepares to read out the last name. “The final person to be taking on this mission is, Gerald.” A tall bald man wearing robes is now visible from the crowd; he looks nervous but not as nervous as me or Isaac. He steps up onto the stage and greets us. “Hello, I guess this is the team of champions” Gerald says to us all. “You’re a mage?” I ask him

“Yes, not too skilled but I know how to use magic.” Gerald replies.

 “Good, I take it we will need magic if we will to survive.”  Isaac adds in a nervous stutter

“Hahaha, survive? If you think you will come out of this mission alive, you signed up to the wrong thing.” Sara laughs in sorrow, it’s the first thing she has said all this time and I hope it’s the last thing. After bringing all our morale down Lord Charles announces “You five will be the champions Salmine needs in order to resist these creatures. You will set of tomorrow morning, any questions before you disperse into you private room for tonight?”

“I have one!” Harrold shouts in an annoyed tone. “Why am I stuck with a puny little archer, a coward, a stupid mage and a depressed woman who can do nothing but annoy me?” Before Lord Charles can reply to his complaint, in a flash a knife come millimetres away from Harrold’s throat and he freezes in terror. “Speak down to me again and I will slit your throat” Sara whispers menacingly into the ear of her prey. “Understand?”

“Yes.” Harrold gulps. After witnessing that we all know not to mess with Sara, the crowds shocked from what they just saw. Nobody is confident that we will succeed especially now that we have to watch out for Sara killing us before the monsters do. Lord Charles dismisses the crowd and we head of to our rooms for the night. This could potentially be the last night any of us have.


Chapter 3 – Waiting with sorrowing memories


Today’s the day we set out on our suicide mission. Since the day of choosing I haven’t had a chance to familiarise myself with my – well, hopefully friends.  All I know is that they know how to fight and we will be battling together for a long time, or short, if we die early. We are leaving in two hours, I don’t have anything to prepare so I take this time to say one last goodbye to my home and family. I live with my sister, Isabel. She is four years younger than me, seventeen. Our mother died when we I turned nine and she was only five. We never had a father, I have never met him but from what I know he was a mean, twisted man, full of greed and only cared for himself. It never bothered me not having a father; I guess I just grew accustomed to one parent.


Once my mother died I decided to look after my sister by myself. It was a foolish decision. I knew nothing of caring for another. Unlike other children my age, I never helped out with chores or fended for myself. I spent most of my time practicing the skill of archery with my training bow, mother didn’t mind, she enjoyed doing the housework, it kept her busy. She would do everything for me, plant the crops, water the plants, collect buckets of water from the well, and make me dinner every day. I took it all for granted; I never bothered learning any of the skills which my mother knew by instinct.


Either way, I looked after Isobel not knowing the dangers I was putting her and myself in. We fled away from our home because we couldn’t stand the fact that mother is no longer living there. I thought that if we were in new area it would be like we moved away for a bit and mother was still alive, but deep down I knew the truth and although she was five I think Isobel sensed the death of her mother as well.


Mother died of poison. It was horrible, the most dreadful thing I ever witnessed. One night, on a stressful day, mother put me to bed. She told me to fall asleep swiftly. I tried but I was too awake and alive. She closed my door but left it slightly opens accidently. I heard her cursing and her footsteps wondering around the house aimlessly. I could tell she was upset but I didn’t want to anger her by leaving the room so I just peeked through the gap she left wide. When I saw her, she was a mess. Face flooded with the tears from her eyes. I didn’t know what was wrong or how to help. I just knelt there watching, weeping to myself, being careful not to draw attention to myself or wake Isabel up who was asleep peacefully in the bed next to me. “Why, why do this to me you sick monster” is what I heard mother growl to herself quietly. What was she on about? I asked myself. I was about to reveal myself from the gap but as I started to rise she grabbed a glass container. It had black liquid inside and contained a cork to stop it from dripping. I assumed it was medicine, to stop her suffering. I was right, but in the wrong way. She uncorked the bottle and stared at it. She just stared at it for ages, about ten minutes of what seemed like debating whether to use it. Throughout all that ten minutes, her eyes were flowing freely, soft liquid dripping from her eyes down her cheeks to the ground making a quiet splash. My eyes were flooding as well, I didn’t know why I was crying, for all I knew she was taking medicine but for some reason I knew this would be the last time I would see my mother.


She sat down on a chair and prepared herself for the drink. Mother slowly raised the deadly glass closer to her mouth and slowly opened wide. My loving mother whispered sadly “I love you Adrian, I love you Isabel. I am sorry” She took a gigantic gulp of the drink and as she did I spoke without realising “I love you to.” She heard me. She then looked at me in the eyes. I looked back. The stare between us was both beautiful and horrifying. She was about to say something but then collapsed dead on the floor. I raced to mother to help, water falling out my eyes as I run. I grabbed her and kept repeating this one phrase “I love you!” Over and over, I kept saying it, all distressed at the same time. “I love you! I love you! I love you!” I thought by giving her my love she would wake up and return, to me. But she didn’t.


She was dead.


I didn’t wake Isabel up straight away. As soon as I saw her eyes lock shut, I felt alone. Not alone with nobody to turn to but alone inside. I felt that the structure which kept me going all my life has collapsed that, that I had no purpose any more. Without mother I felt afraid, confused and isolated. After two or three hours of crying on mother’s chest and feeling depressed I decided that I needed to do something. I needed to run away from the horrors and hide my life from the terrifying truth and shelter Isobel from the evil of death. I kissed mother on the lips and tried to wipe the free flowing tears away from my eyes. I tell Isabel to wake up, she does as I say expecting me to tell her to do something but I don’t. Reluctantly I just hug Isabel tight, but not too tight. She was confused, so was I. I lifted her up and buried her head in my chest. When I make it to the door, I make eye-contact with mothers face again and whisper gently to her “I love you.”

“I love you too Adrian” Isabel says oblivious to the situation.

Then I run away with Isabel imprinting the image of mother in my brain.


It was about 2am at this time so nobody was around. Poor innocent Isabel didn’t even ask questions to why we were leaving home at dark in our bed clothes. She just played along. I promised myself I would tell her the truth about mother when she grows up. Her face was still in my chest whilst I run from for life away from nothing but the horrifying truths. I made it deep into a nearby forest after running non-stop. The forest is located not far away from Salmine where we previously lived but that home was history now. When I decided we found a suitable spot to camp, I sensed Isabel was cold so I spent half an hour collecting leaves from trees and covered innocent Isabel with them. “Why are we out here” Isabel asked with a slight tremble in her voice. I felt so bad for her; I took her into my own care instead of giving her to a neighbour or anyone other than me. I felt so ashamed of myself. She could be all cozy next to a fire now being comforted by a responsible adult not lying on the mud shivering whilst wondering where her dead mother is. “We are camping tonight” I reply to my sister “Like brave soldiers” Isabel was covered in leaves and looked content enough for me to not be worried. “Get some sleep little one” I stroke her cheek and lye there on the ground, freezing, thinking about my dead mother.


The next morning onwards was a success, sort of. Although we were cold, tired and hungry I had hope that I can look after my little sister. I woke up first after having three or four hours sleep. I decided that we need some food; luckily, the only thing I was good at was archery so I knew how to make a bow and some arrows. I spent three hours crafting a shabby old bow and some weak arrows but they were made. Isabel was awake at this point, she looked afraid, I didn’t blame her. Furthermore, I was quite good with firing the arrows, and by our luck, a small rabbit came hopping towards our makeshift camp. I have never killed before, I didn’t want to, if it was just me I would let myself starve, but I did it for my sister. I took aim and fired. Miss. Again. Miss. I hit it on my fifth shot. I felt sick inside, that rabbit had no reason to die, but I did what I had to. Isabel’s short brown hair was now filled with all sorts of twigs, dirt and insects. I felt terrible every time I looked at her but I kept going. I made a fire for us to cook the unfortunate rabbit on, I have never cooked in my life but by a stroke of luck the rabbit was cooked enough so it wouldn’t poison us. That same day, I went down to the well in Salmine and stole a bucket and brought it back to the forest. I left Isabel there alone. I felt ashamed and hated myself but I couldn’t bring her with me because it would raise questions so once again, I did what I have to do.

The next few years went the same. I fed us, watered us and over time created shelter for us using wood from the branches or stray twigs scattered about. It wasn’t great, but that was home. Sometimes we would get a treat and we would find berries to eat, but most of the time it was just rabbit or the odd bird I would shoot if it landed close by. Isabel came to accept this home and over time was able to help me with the daily chores I had to do. Just like mother did. I taught Isabel to collect fruit, make a fire and collect certain sticks for my arrows. At night we would enjoy a good sing song with songs I made up. We would just curl up next to the fire and pretend we had a good life.


When I became fifteen I had had enough money to buy a small house in Salmine. I got the money from selling the animals I killed, deer, wolf, rabbits, and owls. Anything animal I would find I would sell it to the butchers. I killed the animals without mercy not because I hated them but because I needed to get Isabel a home to redeem the mistake I made when I stole her away from a life. That’s what I keep telling myself. I thought I did this because I loved Isabel but over time I realised I killed because I was angry. I was angry because the day mother died, I could have prevented it. Or, if only I listened to her and stayed in bed, then she wouldn’t have had to see me heartbroken when she drank the poison. Or if I stayed in bed and then the body would be discovered and then me and Isabel would be looked after by some caring adult. But no, I ruined Isabel’s life.


Once we got the house, life became normal, normal the standard living citizen. For us it felt alien. We had a proper roof over our head, we didn’t have to keep an eye out for bloodthirsty wolfs lingering around us getting ready to rip us apart, and no it felt peaceful, at ease. Throughout the remaining years we just lived as citizens of Salmine and thought nothing about our past. Isabel was growing up to be a young, mature girl who can look after herself. I have heard nothing of mother since we came; many years ago they must have just rid her body and be done with it.


Anyway, that was my sad, depressing life in a nutshell. And it’s time to leave my new happy life for a more deadly, suicide-like mission.



Chapter 4 – So long, goodbye.


I head off to say goodbye to my beloved sister. I open the door and walk in, everything feels right again. I am back where I belong, my home. Even though I was gone for one night it felt like a holiday has gone by. “I’m going to miss this place” I sigh to myself. “Guess whose back!” I call aimlessly inside the house.  No reply. She must be asleep still, it is only 9.15am but it is unusually odd that she isn’t awake. Isabel is an early bird; she likes to be prepared for the day. As I head up, I tip-toe up the creaky stairs, to avoid waking my peaceful sister. I make it about half a metre away from the door to her bedroom, I hear nothing. No breathing. “Are you there Isabel?” I call from behind the doors sceptically. Only the squeak from the dark floorboards answers in reply but not Isabel. The feeling of death hits my heart and all of a sudden I don’t want to go in the room as I fear what I might find.


I inhale one deep breath, cross my fingers and grab the handle with my spare hand. With no countdown I pull down the handle and push the door with a face filled with sadness. The door bursts open but I am surprised to find what was in the room. Nothing. Well there is something but not Isabel. As I stand there dazed in confusion I tur- “Bother? Brother! Your back!” a small innocent voice shouts with joy behind me. I turn to the sound and then fall flat of my back from the fright and shock of the sudden burst of sound. “Adrian, are you all right? She stops running towards me with a confused look on her face. “Oh” I mumble, embarrassed of how I acted in the previous moment. “Hi” I reply with an awkward smile still on the floor, “How’s it going?”

“Oh come here” she laughs grabbing my arm and pulling me up. She hugs me tight, I return the gesture gladly. “I missed you” I tell her honestly.

“So did I” she replies with a change of tone. “I don’t want you to go” I can tell she is about to cry by the way her voice does little stutters as she speaks. “You heard the news then…” I say to her.

“I don’t want you to go” She repeats but this time with tears drifting down her eyes.

“I know you don’t” I feel my eyes copying hers.
“Do you have to?” Isabel weeps. “I don’t want to be alone”

“I don’t want to leave you alone but, I must” I release her from the hug and look in her drenched eyes. “I have no choice”

“Can I come with you?” she pleads desperately.

“I am not putting you in danger again, never again” I promise to her

“Ok” she takes a deep breath and tries to get a hold of herself “Promise me you will come back, alive”

“I promise you, Isabel Atkin that I will return to you alive” I promise although I know I may not keep it. She smiles at me, starts crying again and hugs me. I spend my remaining time I have with her and cherish every moment of it.

Chapter 5 – Oh how the journey begins


I give what might be my last hug to Isabel and say my final goodbyes. I walk away from her but looking at her as long as I can before I make it to a turn on the path. “Goodbye Isabel” I whisper to myself. And then I was gone from her.


Isaac, Harrold and Gerald all had family and friends to say goodbye to but not Sara. She has been waiting for us to meet at the meeting point as soon as she was told she had been chosen. Either she is very lonely or she is eager to kill some monsters or be killed by them. I am the last of us to make it to the meeting point, I see Isaac and Gerald chatting, Harrold is sharpening his axe and Sara is sitting on the ground with her eyes closed. We are on top of a small grassy hill just outside the village where we have been told to start out journey. We have been advised to head east which is the opposite direction to our village. “Ahh Adrian” Harrold says with a cheery, delightful tone. He must be very excited. “We thought you weren’t coming” Harrold jokes.

“Of course I’m coming; I don’t back away from a fight. I was just stocking up my arrows” I laugh along with him.

“Let’s go.” Sara snaps in a harsh tone. We all look at her and instinctively and unwillingly obey her command. We stop laughing and head of to hell.


We depart from any nearby paths and try to get far from civilisation so we have the best chance of finding the little devils. We plough through tall green grass which slows us down incredulously but that is irrelevant because as far I know we have no time limit. Harrold is struggling to get through the sea of nature the most due to his large built body and gigantic weapons, he falls behind quite consistently but we stop for him to catch up. Well we do, Sara doesn’t. Everyone seems fairly nice to speak to and get along with except Sara. She always has these moments when she would just snap an insult or command at us. I understand we are of a death risky mission but having a laugh before we die isn’t a bad idea.


The scorching sun starts to disappear, we have been walking for about seven hours but I don’t know the exact time. Luckily we have made it into a forest so we can make a fire and get shelter, that’s if Sara accepts a break. “We should stop here for tonight, it’s getting dark.” I declare to the rest of us.

“No we must keep going” Sara contradicts in her usual bitter tone. I expected this but I will no longer tolerate her bossing her around. “No.” I say bluntly. Everyone looks at me, no one has ever disagreed with her before, and even Harrold looks worried. “What?” Sara asks confused, she didn’t expect anyone to object. “We must stay here for tonight, it has all the supplies we need, perfect shelter, plenty of trees for cover, there is no better place than this” I continue with my argument. Sara looks at me with pure hatred and anger, inside I feel terrified, she could gut me up right now, but I force a confident look. “We. Need. To. Keep. Going” Sara hisses losing her temper.

Isaac gets nervous and cuts in, defending Sara “Adrian, maybe we should walk on a bit longe- “

“No!” I raise my voice losing my own temper. I force myself to calm down. “I have lived in the forest for half my life, I know whether or not we should settle down for shelter or if we should keep going. We need to sleep here tonight.” I stare at Sara dead in the eyes and await her move. She’s bewildered by such stubbornness. She opens her mouth to give a counter argument but then, by my surprise, Gerald takes my side. “Adrian is right” Gerald tells her not looking a slight bit nervous. “We don’t know the animals that lurk these wilds and it is too dark to see them if they ambush us.”

“Thanks” I whisper to Adrian with Goosebumps flowing across my body. Can we really convert Sara’s mind into a more civilised human. But my hopes were vanished in an instant. Sara spits at me and walks away like a spoilt little teenage girl. “I am going my own way” Whispers loudly and harshly with her back behind us. Isaac and Harrold follow their master.


Once they disappear into the unknown dangers I sit on log and take a deep breath, so does Gerald. “Wow!” I laugh with Gerald.

“She didn’t kill us” Gerald half-jokingly laughs.

“I guess we’re a team now, until Isaac and Harrold realises that their not slaves to a maniac.”

“A good team as well. The heroic archer and fearless mage” Gerald says in a theatrical voice.


After we stop joking around I head of, not too far, to collect some sticks and logs. In the meantime, Gerald prepares a spell which creates fire so he is ready to ignite the wood. I feel proud of myself for standing up to Sara; one of us had to do it sooner or later. Earlier was a perfect moment because I know all about the wild and survival. Once I collected more than enough wood I turn back to Gerald, which was until I heard a familiar noise. It was a distant snarl. It is about 150 metres away. It’s a wolf. I know that deep growling sound any day, a dangerous beast which often hunts in packs. They have no mercy; they just hunt, find then kill. It’s a bit like Sara. 


I won’t have time to make it back to Gerald before the beast makes it to me so I kneel down and listen, in silence.  The footsteps are getting louder and the growls are getting clearer. I slowly and quietly unsheathe my bow and place an arrow in place. I don’t know for sure where the creature is but it has defiantly found me. I think it is circling me. My whole world goes silent. My breath stops. I narrow my eyes and listen intensely. Snap. With razor sharp reflexes I rotate my body 180 degrees and aim towards the sound and fire my shout blindly. There is a cry of pain and then a large body lands onto me and I fall on the ground stuck by the heavy weight. “Adrian!” Gerald shouts, then finding me on the floor. I groan, and in an instant he creates a small ball of light from his hand, it illuminates the forest so much I have to slam my eyes shut to hide from the blinding rays. “Sorry” he murmurs and then lowers the intensity of the ball. I now see the wolf laying on me, dead with an arrow struck through its heart. “Haha, I hit it” I laugh surprised by my luck. “It looks like we will be having wolf tonight.”

My happy thought disintegrates rapidly when I realise one key fact about wolves. They hunt in packs.


“Gerald duck!”









Chapter 6 – Cuts, bruises and scars


Gerald attempts to escape the onslaught of the wolf diving into him. A large masculine wolf lands straight on his chest as he turns round. The beast tries savagely to rip Gerald into pieces.

“Gera-!” I scream but before I could finish my cry another wolf bites my leg from behind. I fall to ground. When I hit the hard, rubbly ground, I let out an agonising moan. I reach out for my bow which I earlier returned on my back but all I feel is the back of my rugged old top. My heart goes cold, that bow has been with me all my life, it means more than my life. Ignoring all pain, I manoeuvre myself on the ground, with wild teeth ripping my leg up, and find a smaller wolf gnawing on my beloved bow. Rage builds up within me and I find the strength which I previously lost. I force myself to stand and tear my leg free. I let out a ear penetrating roar and throw my body fiercely onto the small wolf.


The wolf collapses as I make contact with its back. It couldn’t carry my weight and is now lying on the floor with its legs in pain. I feel no sympathy for the young wolf; it’s just as bloodthirsty and uncaring as any other wild animal. I ram my fist deep down the incapacitated animal and free my bow. Seeing some arrows scattered on the floor, I dive for one and place it in position on the string. I take aim at the largest wolf which is still on Gerald, trying to open up his stomach. I release the shot and it hits the wolf straight through the brain. Having no time for a second shot, my original encounter takes hold of my second leg, once again I fall to the ground with even more pain.


I’m in a hopeless position. Although there are no more wolfs but the cub and the one eating me, I am done. But I don’t give up. I aimlessly throw punches at the beasts face hoping for a powerful blow but I have no energy left and blood is flowing from both legs rapidly. Then it gets worse, the cub which I temporally incapacitated rises, with revenge in its eyes. It makes way towards my face, I can smell its blood tasting breath get stronger and stronger as it gets closer and closer to my face. My fear rises as I smell the end approaching. This is the end.


Red, razor sharp teeth cut deep into my cheek and rips a large piece of flesh free.


In parallel, I hear a large blast to my right but I can’t see what caused it. Then, all of a sudden the little devil gets thrown off my face onto the other wolf and then I am saved from death.


Smoke, coming from a large hole inside the smaller wolfs chest. The holes about 8cm in diameter and as completely obliterated its heart. It lies dead on the floor. I turn to see what caused such a miracle and then I see Gerald on the floor with his arm and hands straight, towards the remains of the explosion. Gerald must have cast a spell! For about 10 seconds I lay on the ground relieved of our survival. Then reality hits me again and I remember the last and final wolf. It stands there, staring at me and Gerald. (It’s about 5 metres away from me and 10 from Gerald) The wolf looks distressed and in shock, she must have thought it would have been an easy fight but her child and mate just died. The sad wolf gives me one last hard, deadly stare and then flees of, limping.


After the she flees, I, Gerald, a cub and two male wolves lay there on the ground peacefully.

The flesh on my cheek is almost not there, the wolf almost ripped a hole in my face but luckily there is some skin to cover up my insides. Similarly, there are deep wounds in both legs and I can’t stand no matter how hard I try. I’m still in trouble. Blood is escaping my leg with ease and I almost can’t feel any part of my body. I try and sit up but I just fall back flat on my back. “Don’t do that!” Gerald says walking to me, looking untouched. “Let me deal with your wounds”

“How did you heal yourself?”

“The same way I am going to heal yours.” Gerald grabs my leg and closes his eyes. He slowly hovers his hand millimetres above my leg and he emits some kind of aura from his palms. The bald magician is using magic to heal me! I don’t really know how this magic stuff works or where this extra flesh is coming from but I am grateful none the less. Gerald spends a few minutes fixing my legs and then he gets to work on my face.  It’s amazing how the world works. One moment I am on the ground fighting for my life with no feeling left in my body and now I feel as if I have a new set of legs. I don’t feel anything whilst my body reforms, it just happens, the magic stitches my body up unnoticed.


“Done” Gerald says with a big sigh of relief.

“Thank you” I tell him with all honestly “I would have perished if you didn’t do anything. I owe you a great deal.”

“You don’t owe me anything, remember, we’re a team.”


I spend the rest of the night cleaning up my bow and crafting new arrows. I’m disappointed in myself. I have lived in the wild long enough to know that if you see one wolf alone, it could mean an ambush. I could have gotten both of us killed. Whilst I sit one stump in a bad mood, Gerald sets up a fire and starts cooking some meat. I haven’t eaten since I left to go on this stupid god forsaken journey and I am eager for a nice, large portion of meat.


We eat food and make the fire smaller so we don’t worry about it spreading when we sleep. I set up temporary sleeping spots for both of us next to the fire. Gerald goes lights out instantly. I on the other hand can’t sleep because I feel ashamed of how I performed in that situation. I risked my life for a bow. I forgot the most basic fact about how wolves hunt. I almost got Gerald killed. Why was I chosen to do this hellish mission? I leave myself with one last question before I end this disaster of a day; I wonder how the others are doing?















Chapter 7 – The blood shocked eye


“Help me!” Gerald screams and I wake up instantly. I quickly scan my surroundings to find Gerald but I don’t see him. His cry grows louder. “Get it off!” He screams again. Grabbing my bow, I rush to the sound of his horrific cries. Sound comes from behind a large tree; I ready myself for a fight. I gain vision of Gerald lying on the floor, screaming, in pain fighting for his life. But I can’t see what he is fighting. I rush to his aid and I notice blood pouring from out his mouth. “What’s happening?” I shout waving about in a panic. Gerald is going crazy; he is banging his fists against his face and slamming his head on the tree. I feel hopeless, I can’t do anything. I don’t know what’s happening. Then, his screams of death turns into a croak. “It’s -- inside -- of me” He stutters. A waterfall of blood gushes from out his mouth and he goes silent, dead.


I’m in tears, confused and angry. I hug Gerald hard wishing him back but his lifeless eyes just stare at me. Wait, his eyes, there moving. I look closely, his eyes are wobbling. Then, suddenly a gigantic popping sound is audible and Gerald’s right eye explodes on my face. A small creature appears. Slowly, it walks out of his empty socket. It’s disgusting. It’s a spider-like creature but an eye for a body. The eyes bleeds and is more red than white. The legs are a bloody orangey colour with a sharp, jagged texture. It’s about the same size as a small tarantula; the eye is small compared to its long, hairy legs. I have never seen anything like it before.


It perches on the hole in Gerald’s face an glares at me. I’m frozen, too scared to run or fight. “Gerald” I whisper, looking for someone to speak to, for comfort. It pounces. The spider lands on my face and I scream just as Gerald did. The bottom of the eye is wet against my skin and the legs are sharp and pierce my flesh. I smack my face but I don’t manage to hit it. I feel its long jagged legs slide into my mouth and the hairs rest on my tongue. Its whole body makes its way into my mouth and I taste the blood dripping from the spider’s eye. Its legs stab into my uvula and make it enters my throat. I can’t breathe. Blood is coming from out my mouth and nose. My face is drenched in warm, thick blood. I do what Gerald did and slam my face against the tree in madness whilst falling to the ground. I can feel it inside of me, wriggling about grabbing hold of my insides. My mouth is shooting out blood at this point and I just lay still. The spider makes its way up near my eye. One of its legs pokes the back of my eye and then goes all the way through. It goes pop.














Chapter 8 – True Lucidity


I spring up from my sleeping spot, panting hard. My face is soaked in sweat and my heart feels like it is going to explode. “Are you alright? Was it a nightmare?” Gerald says from the other side of the dead fire. I don’t reply, too scared from what I experienced. I thought I was dead. Rid from this world, never coming back. It felt so real, the blood, the spider, the death. I stand up to stretch my legs. “It felt so real” I tell Gerald, wiping the muddy leaves off my clothes.

“What was it about” Gerald asks, curious.

“You died” I tell him “There was this spider, with an eyeball for a body, it killed us both.”

“How did it do that?”

“It entered our bodies and destroyed our eyes”  

“Well, it was only a dream, it wasn’t real.”

But maybe it was, I tell myself. Maybe it was trying to hint the future or warn us of this spider.


In the meantime, I forget about my bad dream and set up for the day. We grab some berries for breakfast and then gather our equipment.


We set of in the direction Sara, Harrold and Isaac went, hoping they are still alive. Well hoping Harrold and Isaac is still alive, not so much Sara. I don’t sympathise Sara, she must have had a bad childhood but I didn’t have an easy one either. I spent most of my childhood fighting off wild animals. She’s too stubborn for her own good, but, hopefully she can change.


As we’re walking, we keep an eye out for any predators, not wanting to make the same mistake from yesterday. “So, Gerald, what are you capable doing with your magic?” I ask.

“The basics” He answers “I can manipulate fire to do many things such as turning it into a bolt of fire like I did on that wolf, I can move the earth and objects without touching the, here I’ll show you” Gerald stops and focuses on a small rock nearby and points his hand towards it. At first it doesn’t do anything, it just sits there like rocks do but after about six or seven seconds it starts to float. And then Gerald’s in control of it. “That’s amazing” I exclaim “Can you throw it far with magic?” He nods and then fires the rock from out his hand, seconds later it is soaring through the sky. “Wow!” I shout with joy, like an overly excited kid. I’ve never seen such a feat performed with magic, it must have went over 200 metres. “I’d love to show you more tricks I can do but, we have to make our way back to the others. “ Gerald tells me. I nod my head and then we set of once again.


We have been walking for about three hours now, and still no sign of the others. But that’s not on my mind, the spider. I can’t stop thinking about it; it must mean something, something important. “Gerald?” I ask “You haven’t heard of such a creature before have you?”

“What creature?” He replies, confused.

“You know, the spider, the one which was in my dream.”

“Not this again” he laughs, but a little impatient at the same time.

“I’m serious, I’m sure my dream was trying to tell me something.” I tell him stubbornly

“Look, I have never heard of anything of your description but if you like, you can visit the library in the capital for some information if you like.”

“That would be great, thanks”

With our new direction we head towards the capital which isn’t too far from our location.


 The capital, Darentite, has a well-known library called la grande mente which is said to be one of the oldest and greatest libraries to exist. It contains the most ancient books too books which were published a few days ago. Moreover, it has a vast range of spells, training books and files which can teach you skills you never thought was possible. It is a perfect place for a being of magic. I think that’s why Gerald offered me to go, because he secretly is desperate to browse around. I don’t mind, I hope to find books on archery, files which teach me better technique or how to get a more powerful shot. But of course this is all talk. I’ve never been to this wondrous place so for all I know it is this run down building filled with bugs and spiders. Oh yeah--spiders.



Chapter 9 – Redirected


We approach the gates of Darentite, anxious to see the beautiful city from beyond the gates. There is a long gravel path leading to the city with fascinating plants following. I’ve never seen such wonders when it comes to nature. This one flower next to me is small but magnificent. Its colour is purple, from stem up, but with yellow spots polka dotted on the petals which are spread out randomly. I kneel down to grab the perfect flower. “Come on, let’s go” Gerald says after he sees me gawping at the flower. “Oh, of course”


The gates are upon us. They are tall towering gates, which are supported with metal beams. They look strong enough to keep giants out of the city. Two guards stand on watch at the entrance.

“What is your business here?” The closest guard asks.

“We’re only visitors, interested in seeing your library.” Gerald cuts in before I could speak. The guard shares a look with the other and nods “Very well. Open the gates!” he calls to the gate opener. The gate makes a vicious screeching sound as it opens, making me cover my ears. They open. We’re in.


From the very first step past the great walls, the city looks like a dream. It has tall, daunting buildings which block all sunlight hitting us. For compensation, there are hundreds of street lamps with burning flames within them which make the city light up. There are people everywhere. It’s all overwhelming to me; I have never been to a major city before. In contrast, Gerald loves it. He has been to all sorts of places before and this is a common sight for him. People look different here, they look wealthier. Most people are wearing well-tailored clothes which in thought only noble people wore. I look homeless compared to them. Even the children’s clothes look better than mine.

“So, where do we go?” I ask Gerald whilst being nudged around in a large crowd.

“I have no idea” He laughs “I have been here before, but that was many years ago.” Great, I think to myself. I lead Gerald into an area where it is less busy, an indent between two buildings. I hate this place already, it is way too claustrophobic. “Look” I say to Gerald “Point in the direction where you think the library is.” He thinks for a moment then points north-east. We push through the crowd and then find our self in front of a large building, bigger than adjacent building’s, grander. “Is this it?” I ask getting a headache from the city noises. “This is it” He answers with a great smile across his wrinkly face. 

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