Short Fiction Collection

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of occasional short/flash fiction text brought on by random thoughts. I wanted to collect all my writing exercises/practices in one same location.

Table of Contents

Wild Feelings

I looked outside, defeated. Just when I thought the rain couldn’t fall any stronger, the big guy in the clouds contradicted me. Loo... Read Chapter


How many times has he walked right through me? The mirror nearby reflecting an image only I can see. My days come and go quietly,... Read Chapter

Trust Me

“Just hold onto my hand and trust me!”   I stared at the outstretched hand in front of me. My pulse accelerated. It wasn... Read Chapter

Road Trip

  The warm sun stirs my progeny from their sleep. They jump and bite at each other. The commotion awakens me. The... Read Chapter

A Place to Call Home

The freezing wind whipped at her skin. What had she been thinking, venturing out like that in the middle of the night? She bit th... Read Chapter

First Impressions

15:45   My interview’s in 15 min. Perfect: Just enough time, to show I’m punctual, just enough time to stress. I... Read Chapter

Cold Sweet Revenge

I sat at my desk waiting for the bell to ring. Lunch break was over and for the next three hours, I would have to look at him. Day af... Read Chapter

Stalking Beauty

The smell of freshly cut grass still lingered in the air. The park buzzed with activity, mothers with their strollers, dog walkers, and a... Read Chapter


The soft and gentle sun thawed my tattered soul. The large oak tree in the park had been the perfect place for a nap. It had been the per... Read Chapter


It had been unexpected. When Laura came back home she was met with a heavy sensation of nothingness. Thinking it was simply due to t... Read Chapter

With you

“Kelly, can I come to your house tomorrow?” “Sure! What do you have in mind?” “Nothing, maybe watch a movie or look at ... Read Chapter