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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Wild Feelings

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



I looked outside, defeated. Just when I thought the rain couldn’t fall any stronger, the big guy in the clouds contradicted me.

Looks like I’m not going outside today.

I dropped my bag on the floor and fell back on my sofa. I could have turned on the television, but that would have meant that I would have had to get up. I simply didn’t have the energy for that. Head pulled back I looked at the ceiling

What was wrong with me?  ARRRRRGGGG!!!!!

If only I knew. Well, I did know, but dear lord. Why her, out of all the people? Why did it have to be her? 

Two hands on the side of my head resisting the urge to pull chunks of hair out from my scalp. No answer came from the man above. The ceiling also failed to retaliate.  I exhaled deeply. There were things that I did know. First, my family was progressive. Second, I wasn’t scared of the big guy’s opinion. Third, no matter what happened I would always be popular. Four, this was 2017, in a large metropole, I didn’t have to be afraid of any sort of oppression.

I wasn't conflicted because she was a nerd, or a geek, whatever the difference was. I was past the typical geek vs popular feud. The truth was, whatever she wanted, I would give to her. 

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Text message. I knew who it would be. I could ignore it. Why was I lying to myself? It had to be her…I had to answer.

I opened the message.




Don’t be late to our group meeting! ;)




This was bad…She had too much power over me. I grabbed my bag again and ventured outside.



Coming, I’m 10 mins away.  



Why had she kissed me? I was conflicted. If it was a joke I would understand. If it wasn’t …

Please don’t let it be a joke.

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