A Gem Who Changed My Life

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The story is about a girl named Alisha who was going through very difficult situations in her life. And her negative attitude was making it more difficult for her to handle all this. She finally decided to end her life. But when she met someone, her attitude towards life changed completely. This is the first time that I have written a story. Your honest feedback will be appreciated for improvement.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



The sky was tar-black and surrounded by large clouds. The temperature was falling and it started to drizzle. Some fishermen were walking across the river bank. And they saw someone drowning. One of them jumped to save her. Who was this person? Was this an accident? Or it was suicide?

The person drowning in the river is a girl named Alisha. She is 22 years old. She is a fair-skinned girl with long, curly hair, and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is a student of electronics engineering, final year, Alisha loves crafting, drawing and is an amazing singer as well. She resides in the university hostel in Mumbai. She was a normal girl. What made her life difficult was her negative attitude towards life.  Alisha is the unhappiest person who has lots of complaints with God.

Years have passed; life is not giving her any favorable result.  She was slumped in deep dejection.  Let’s try to find out why??

Three months ago.

It was a farewell event for final year students at the Zodiac Sunshine Pub. Alisha was looking stunning in a beautiful blue saree with golden border and a boat-necked blouse. The party started with a welcome song prepared by the juniors, followed by some dance performances. And then there was an announcement that there will be a performance on public demand. Everyone knew that she was a fantastic singer and they started cheering her name. 

 She somehow gathered the courage to go on the stage. She was too nervous to even say even a word. Something she could hear was her name and her heart beat even louder than that. She was sweating badly. Ultimately she said, “I am sorry” and ran from the there. That's how she became a topic for gossip all around. She went home and cried a lot. And kept thinking that why God has made her like this? Why could she not sing even after knowing that she was the best singer of the college?

This was just a glimpse of what she went through. The real complications were yet to arise in her life.

After a few days,

 Since, a long time, she could make out that her boyfriend was avoiding her. One day he told her that they cannot be together anymore because he belongs to a conservative family and they will never accept her. This was the biggest shock to her as their 3 years old relationship was going to end. She tried to convince him not to do this to her. But all her persuasions were futile for him. The long argument resulted in a sad end of their relationship. She was profoundly depressed, after ending her three years long relationship.

Alisha was a patient of Migraine. And she was going through a continuous pain. Exams were near and in spite of all the disturbances in her life, she was preparing for the exams.

 It was her last exam. And she was going through severe pain, Exam started and the pain became so acute that she could hardly sit anymore. But, she continued writing and somehow completed three questions so that she covered the minimum requirement to pass. But still, she was very much worried about the result.

Her days all passed in grief and worry, about the result, as she was already not placed in any of the company. She had no idea that what would she do if she fails in the exam.

Now it was the result date, she knew that if she fails, her full year will be wasted.

She saw her result and was frozen, something happened for which she was never prepared. Then ringing of the phone, and popping up of messages for asking result started. People in the world are always more interested to know that what the other person has got. They are born with a right to ask you the question which you would never want to reply. She didn’t know how to face her friends and family after this.

She threw her phone and ran towards the river. She wanted to end this agony forever. She wanted to end her life now.

Some fishermen were walking across the river bank. They saw her drowning. One of them named Shyam jumped into the river and saved her life. He took her to a doctor nearby as she was unconscious.

When she opened her eyes she realized that she was lying on a bed of a congested clinic, where drops of water were seeping through the wall.

Doctor asked,” who are you dear and how you drowned into the river?”

“Oh God, why did you save me. I don’t want to live”, she said. The doctor said pointing towards the bench,” the God has sent this gentleman to save your life”. When she saw him she was shocked and shouted,” How ???  How could you” How could you swim??

She reacted that, way because, she saw that the man sitting on the bench, who saved her didn’t have, one leg.

Shyam smiled and replied,” Hey I know it’s hard for people to believe that I can swim without a leg. But people don’t know that I do everything which a normal person does. I not only swim but, also teach people like me to swim. Most of the people don’t know that more than all the body parts, what one requires to live is, inner strength, determination, and faith in oneself.

Now, Alisha was feeling so trivial in front of Shyam. She could realize the mistake she had made.

Shyam added,” I don’t know why you wanted to die. But life is a beautiful gift of God. Don’t end it so cowardly. Think what you have in your life and don’t die for what you don’t have.  Always remember God only helps those who help themselves”.

She could not stop her tears and thanked Shyam for making her realize the mistake she was going to make. She realized that God has given her everything, but, still, she was ending her life. And Shyam who has only one leg is not blaming situations or God for anything but is leading a much happier life than her.

This instance of her life changed her completely. She started thinking of what interests she had for her career. For one year she worked hard and then she was placed in one of the best institutes of jewelry designing. After completion of the course, she was placed in a famous jewelry company. She also uploaded her video songs on social media which were liked and appreciated. The girl who once could not gather the courage to speak even a word on the stage now also did stage performances on the company events. Still, problems are there in her life but now she knows to handle them smartly. That one line is now her mantra to deal with any problem, “God only helps those who help themselves”. She will always be thankful to Shyam who was the Gem who not only saved her life that day but also transformed her life.


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