A call for The One

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Would it still be love if you're already in love with a person who might not exist in reality?

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



An ocean of fishes but,

he is my fish.

A world filled with echoes,

haunted by his sweet memories.

Oh my love, where has your loving presence gone?

I long for the touch of your skin.

I long for the taste of your lips.

I long for the chuckle of your mischief.

My dear man, when will I find you?

Why does my foolish heart wait for you?

My mind is lost without your loving compass.

Which map should I use to find you?

Where have you hidden yourself?

You haunt me by your absence,

liberate me through your presence!

Kiss me under the moonlight,

make love to me in daylight.

Hug me and keep me away from my demons,

talk to me and awaken my angels.

Hold me in your loving arms...

I wanna spread my wings and fly with you.

Where are you, love? Are you so cruel to keep me waiting?

How many minutes till I find you?

How many more miles to reach you?

How many lives to be a part of you?

Don't keep this poor sinner waiting.

Unleash me and let's be complete.

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