The shapes around me

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As I walk in the desert of cities....

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



As I walk in this desert of cities I see different people around me, wearing clothes complementing their bodies. I see people tryna hide their flaws beneath their fancy things. I see people taller than me hoping to be as short as me and, people shorter than me wishing to be as tall as me. I see people who wish they were thinner or curvy...I see people who wanna have things that they don't and failing to appreciate the gifts they already have. I appreciate and admire the tiny freckles on their nose bridge, the stretch marks on their skin, the smile lines that speak and the dark circles that make them broody. I love people with different shades of skin. What fun would there be to see people with perfect hair and perfect bodies even when I know they're not as real as they seem? We chase girls in our monthly magazine and worship men hyped as the hottest men alive. How funny is it to see that beauty has turned into a commodity but not an acquired quality! Beauty is not what the eyes see but what lies beneath it. Despite our obsession with perfection I hear those voids crying to be filled. Beauty isn't a rating, it is the world around us. And, call me foolish but I seek and see beauty in everything.

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