Curiosity Killed Humanity (2nd draft)

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For four millennia, vampires ruled over mortals with an iron fist. Enslaved humans served not only as blood dolls and vessels for pleasure but also as manual labor. From household chores to achieving grand architectural feats, they suffered under unforgiving and fundamentally cruel masters.

The most ruthless of them all was the Vampire Hadrien, feared even among his own kind. Captured and cursed, Hadrien was kept a lowly servant, shackled by magical bonds to foul, dank dungeons, starved until the thirst drove him mad, crafted into a sadistic, savage weapon by centuries of torments inflicted by his captor. It was while he was enchained that humanity rebelled against its masters. By the time of his escape, war had been raging for over two centuries. Robbed of his humanity, Hadrien employed trickery and artifice to impose himself on the battlefields. His quest for power took him to the hells and back, and turned the tides of war in his favor. For the first and only time, he united the world under a single Sovereign.

The legendary warriors and mages who had risen to lead humanity into its war against tyranny were forced into hiding. Nevertheless, these champions persisted in their fight and at last, five Grand Mages combined their might to defeat Hadrien, albeit at the cost of three of their lives. His defeat marked the end of the great war, the vampires' ultimate downfall and the retreat of the supernatural from the mortal world.

Nearly thirteen hundred years passed. With time, and the often diverging records of their existence, vampires, magic, and even the great war were turned into fairy tales and folklore. Stories were told about the Vampire Hadrien, legends spoke of his survival and ominous return. These tales were mostly used to scare children into behaving, very few took them seriously. Who could have foreseen that in her curiosity, a carefree girl with a vivid imagination would chance upon his obscured castle and marble mausoleum? And that in the hour of her most desperate need, Princess Lianna of Aydendril would awaken Hadrien into a world fashioned out of his worst nightmare? Here, humans reigned themselves and vampires hid like cockroaches among them!

Contains blood, violence, sexual content and combinations thereof. Discretion is advised.

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Jaireans At The Gates

Submitted: June 18, 2017

Lianna wakes up to find an invading army at the gates of her castle. Desperate, she flees to the desperate hope of a mysterious tomb. Read Chapter


Submitted: June 18, 2017

Out of desperation, Lianna attempts to revive the sleeping vampire. Read Chapter

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