The End: Thoughts Of A Writer Part 10

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The last Thoughts piece?

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Ok......I am almost finished.

The last chapter.

The last words.

The end of a long process.

Almost a year I have spent on these stories.

A year of humor, curiosity, a lot of blue ink and notebooks. A lot of Pepsi consumed by me during the process.

What? Some writers had booze, I have caffeine.

Don't judge.

What to do now? I mean I agreed that ten stories were what I was going to do in the "Thoughts" series. Like with Nick Brennan, I wanted to end on a note that meant I could come back too it.

That's what writers of series claim to do. If you hear someone say they are done with a series, whether it's temporary or permanent they always leave a slight opening.

I like that approach. It's creative and fun.

But how would I continue this series?

Hmmmmmmm........what other possible thoughts could a writer have?

Oh the possibilities.

I guess I do have some more thoughts.

For another time.

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