Tell It Like It Used To Be

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Another essay attempt.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Why do people stay together?

I mean, what is the honest point of being in a relationship?

All I have seen lately in my life are couples that I know engage in some bitter arguments. Saying some of the most hurtful and mean spirited things I have ever heard in my life. Things that would make even the hardest misanthropic person drop their jaw.

Ever since I was a kid, I was envious of a certain image I had of couples. Prince Charming coming to rescue Cinderella from the evil stepsisters and stepmom. The relationship between Cary Elewes and Robin Wright in Princess Bride. The image of true love. I don't care if your a man or a woman, we all seek that in our lives. Believing that it will lead to eternal happiness.

What a load of garbage!

I think romance died at the beginning of the 21st Century. All I hear about it seems is more of the casual hookup and one night stand as a way of satisfaction. I think that people have given up on love and relationships.

By nature, I guess I am a misanthrope. In my life, I have witnessed marriages start with eternal happiness and end with such darkness and bittnerness.

Now, by all means I do not want to come across as perfect. I have been one of those people that had a great relationship that was ultimately moved into the darkness. I look back on it and shudder at the moment it ended.

I don't believe that all people are meant to be alone. We should all have friendships and establish relationships with our fellow man. But my point is if you seek a romantic relationship, do everything? in your power to make it work. Agree to disagree. Communication is key. If you lose communication, then it is pointless.

I think in this culture we are afraid of hard work. I see it that a lot of people just don't wanna make the investment. I see those that do and I salute them whole heartedly. Maybe I am to emotionally invested in idealization, but what I see of people around me makes me very disappointed.

I just wish people would come to their senses and stop all the madness and self serving when it comes to love.

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