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You are who yo want to be and there is no one who can tell you otherwise.
Be you and be free.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



You are not faceless

You are not some unchiseled stone

You are not some unidentifiable mass

You are not alone

You are not some permanent fixture on a wall of monotony and dread

You are not your job

You are not an empty title

You are not defined by your paycheck

The quality of your car is not the quality of your worth

You are not faceless

You are alive

Take hold of that life and stand steadfast against the assault of this mass-produced lie

You are worthless

Only if you want to be

Your life is defined by the effort you put into defining it

Stand tall and start living it

Stand firm and believe in it

You are not faceless

The dream you want to make a reality is not a passionate delusion

You are not face less

You are not gray

Do not become complacent

If you hate where you are do not stay

If there is a path you want to walk do not walk the other way

Live your life

You have a face

You are someone

You have an identity

You are not obligated to fall in with the dregs of an ordinary life

You are not obligated to be unhappy

There is no need to accept what they give you


You have a face

So you are someone

You have a face

 So you can speak

You have a face

So make it a face to remember

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