Ocean Touch

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Nanami finds herself in a troublesome situation, she needs help but who will come to help her?

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Ocean Touch


Isamu was just taking his daily walk down the beach when he noticed something strange on the shore in front of him. At first, he didn’t really care, but upon further inspection, Isamu noticed that the object was moving. He quickly ran towards the object, as he was getting closer he started to make out the details of the object. In fact it was a beautiful woman, however, there was something strange about her, she didn’t have any legs but instead a fish’s tail. Once Isamu reached her, she pleaded to him “help me.” Isamu not really knowing how to help asked her how he could help. The woman simply replied with “water, fresh water.” Hearing this Isamu grabbed his water bottle out of his backpack and poured the water into the woman’s mouth.


Once the woman regained a bit of strength she told Isamu that she was, in fact, a freshwater mermaid and that she needed a large supply of water quickly. Isamu still unsure of what he should really do picked her up using all of his strength and carried her on his shoulder all the way back to his house. He turned on the water and gently lay her down in his bathtub. After only a few minutes she was already regaining her energy and began explaining her situation to Isamu. The mermaid stated that her name was “Nanami” and that she had been washed away in a river from her home. Nanami told Isamu that she had hit something and fell unconscious and when she woke up all she could recognize was that the water around her was no longer fresh and that she had been stranded on the sand. Nanami explained that she was probably going to die if she hadn’t been saved by him.


Isamu didn’t really know how to feel; he had just saved someone from dying and they were now living in his bathroom. Isamu just went with it and left Nanami in the bathtub.


When Isamu came back into the bathroom to use the toilet. As he walked in Nanami kindly greeted him. Isamu immediately realised the awkward situation and that he wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom with her watching. He closed the shower curtains and asked her to look away while he did his business. He began urinating and once he was done he flushed the toilet and turned around. To his surprise Nanami was just laying there, staring at him.


“That tail of yours, can I see it?” Nanami asked

“Umm no” Isamu replied

“Aww, why not?” Nanami argued

“Because it’s private” Isamu answered.

Nanami pulled down Isamu’s pants and grabbed onto his large cock

“Whoa it’s so large” Nanami exclaimed

She began to slowly stroke Isamu’s cock

Isamu’s cock began to get erect as Nanami pulled on it.

“It’s getting bigger!” Nanami Muttered

Isamu then explained to the mermaid that his cock was not, in fact, a tail and that is what in fact a penis. Nanami didn’t know what a penis was but it felt nice to stroke it, and she could tell that Isamu was also enjoying it so she continued to rub her hands up and down the shaft.

Isamu was really enjoying having his cock stroked by Nanami but he wanted to take it to the next level. He ordered her to suck on it, and like a good little mermaid, she did as he ordered. Nanami started with a gentle lick on the tip, Isamu reacted to this with a slight shiver. This made Nanami feel horny and she began licking Isamu’s penis faster and faster. Isamu was now beginning to really enjoy this sensation but he wanted more. He told Nanami to use her large breast to wrap around his cock. She did as she was told and found that it felt really nice to have Isamu’s penis within her breast. She continued to lick the tip and rub the shaft with her breast until Isamu could no longer take it anymore.


Isamu let out a stream of cum and it went all over Nanami’s body. Some of it had gone into Nanami’s mouth and she enjoyed the taste so much that she licked up the rest of it and swallowed it. Five minutes later she suddenly passed out, and when Isamu went to ask a doctor about why she wasn’t waking up. The doctor declared that Nanami was dead. Turns out mermaids are highly allergic to human cum.


 The End.


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