Growing Younger

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Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



I split my time
Between doing dishes 
And making wishes

A young girl of seven
Believing everything I was told
Never imagining 
That the world could grow so cold

When the darker times came
I was resilient, still refusing to cave
It was only your approval I wanted
The very thing you never gave

To accuse you of murder
Doesn't feel quite right 
Although I did die
Some part of me still fights

No longer am I
The girl I once was
Nor am I what I hoped to be
But nothing ever turns out the way we like to think it does

I am warped
A pot left on the fire too long
My water has boiled over
My metal shaped all wrong

I burned you
And I'm so sorry for that
But the pain is gone
Because it never lasts

I can't be ashamed
Of what I have turned into
Simply because I'm the only one that gives any meaning to
The definition of love
It doesn't come from the heavens above 
It comes from below
Down under, where you wouldn't ever go
Loving someone isn't about letting them know, how far you'd go

It has to do with the strength you possess

And the fights, nonetheless 
That you'd go through for them

It isn't something to prove

It's something to hold
To cherish in the days you grow old

Something as cheesy as this
Couldn't possibly exist!

But don't look to me to confirm it
It's up to you to return it


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