Hanging With The Boys

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Jason Clark plans a secret date and surprises Josephine Hart. Amber Foster's friend Korey Hunter invites her to come with him to his grandparents ranch.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



Jason Clark walked up to Josephine Hart as she was putting a book in her locker. “Joey, do you have any plans Friday evening?” asked Jason. “No,” said Josephine putting a big smile on her face. “I am going to be working on a project and was wondering if you would help me with it,” said Jason. “Sure,” said Josephine smiling trying to hide her disappointment. “Thanks, Joey,” you are the greatest,” said Jason kissing her on the cheek and then walking off. “Yeah,” said Josephine to herself with a sigh.
Amber Foster sat down to have lunch at Pine Point High. Her friend Korey Hunter walked up carrying a food tray. He sat down across from Amber. “This weekend I plan on going out to my grandparent’s ranch and help them with a few chores. Would you like to come?” asked Korey expecting Amber’s answer to be no as she sat there texting. She sat her phone down.”Sorry, What did you ask? I wasn’t paying attention,” said Amber. “Would you like to come with me to my grandparent’s ranch and meet them?” asked Korey. “Will there be horses?” asked Amber. “Yes,” said Korey with a surprised look on his face. “Oh-my-gosh, I love horses and have always wanted to ride one. Yes, I will go with you,” said Amber. “I will pick you up Saturday morning,” said Korey.
Josephine was stretched out across her bed reading a magazine. Amber came into her bedroom and sat down beside her. “Joey, guess what?” asked Amber with excitement. “What?” asked Josephine. “Korey asked me to go with him and meet his grandparents this weekend. Do you know what this means?” asked Amber with a big smile on her face. “What?” asked Josephine. “He loves me and one day will ask me to be his girlfriend,” said Amber. “Fantastic,” said Josephine with a sigh. “Joey, what is wrong?” asked Amber as Josephine sat up. “Instead of asking me out on a date, Jason wants me to help him with a project,” said Josephine. “Oh this is good; very good,” said Amber. “What?” asked Josephine. “Think about it; after it is over Jason is going to start feeling guilty and will want to make it up to you. Trust me the make up will be better than just asking you out on a date,” said Amber with a smile. “Sis,” said Josephine pausing. “What?” asked Amber. “You watch too much tv,” said Josephine putting a smile on her face. “Hey, I don’t just watch tv. I also read,” said Amber. “I know, mom found one of her books on a shelf  in your bedroom,” said Josephine. “Oh, the White Horse,” said Amber trying to come up with a lie. “Try the White Mare,” said Josephine. “I was doing a book report on medieval romance and forgot to put it up,” said Amber. “Right,” said Josephine knowing Amber was telling a lie.
Amber got off Josephine’s bed and started towards her closet. “Sis, I need to find something to wear Saturday,” said Amber. “Let me guess, there is the possibility of clothes getting stained and you want it to be mine instead of yours,” said Josephine. “Well, yeah,” said Amber. Josephine got up and went to the closet. She handed Amber a black tank top and a pair of jeans. “Why this?” asked Amber with a puzzled look on her face. “You are meeting Korey’s grandparents for the first time, right?” asked Josephine. “Well, yeah,” said Amber. “So you want to look sweet and innocent,” said Josephine looking through the closet. “Now when you and Korey are a couple you will wear this,” continued Josephine handing Amber a belly shirt and pair of short shorts. “Oh, I see what you are saying now,” said Amber. Josephine closed the closet door and started walking towards her bed. “One question,” said Amber. “What?” asked Josephine. “You made the statement look sweet and innocent. Am I not always that?” asked Amber. Josephine turned around with a smile on her face but didn’t say a word. “Joey! Joey! I am asking you a question,” exclaimed Amber. Josephine sat down her bed and started watching tv without answering Amber’s question.
Josephine was changing clothes Friday afternoon after school when Amber came into her bedroom. “Jason’s here,” said Amber. “Ok,” said Josephine with a sigh.  “Just try to make the best out of a bad evening, remember the makeup date is going to make it all worthwhile,” said Amber with a smile.
“What are we doing here,” said Josephine with a surprise look on her face as Jason pulled into a parking lot on Huntington Beach. Jason handed Josephine a map. “What is this?” asked Josephine. “The radio station is having a treasure hunt. Each contestant is given two maps. One leads the contestant to the treasure and the other one leads them back to where they started. The first contestant to find the treasure win,” said Jason. “I got it you want me to follow this map while you follow the other,” said  Josephine. 
“If this is the right map then the treasure should be just up ahead,” said Josephine as she walked along the beach. “Oh my gosh,” said Josephine as she saw Jason  sitting on a beach towel with a picnic basket. “X marks the spot,” said Jason. 
Jason and Josephine ate sandwiches and then took a walk along the beach.  “You really surprised me,” said Josephine. “I hope you enjoyed the evening,’ said Jason. “I did,” said Josephine. Jason and Josephine stood there looking into each other's eyes. Jason put his arms around Josephine and started kissing her.
Josephine walked quietly up the stairs to her bedroom trying to not wake anyone. “I can’t believe I was out until almost eleven,” said Josephine to herself as she turned the light on in her bedroom. Amber was stretched out across her bed sound asleep. “Amber what are you doing,” exclaimed Josephine. Amber woke up at the sound of Josephine’s voice and started trying to come up with a good story. “You were being nosey, weren’t you,” said Josephine picking up a pillow and hitting Amber. 
“Oh my gosh it was an amazing evening,” said Josephine with a smile on face as she stretched across her bed. “Tell me what happened and don’t leave anything out,” said Amber. “Oh my gosh it was incredible. Jason took me to Huntington beach. We ate sandwiches and then went for a walk on the beach. Then he,” said Josephine pausing. “What, What?” asked Amber with excitement. “He kissed me,” said Josephine.  “Did he put his tongue in your mouth?” asked Amber. “Amber,” exclaimed Josephine. “What? I was just trying to visualize it in my mind,” said Amber. “Get out here,” said Josephine jokingly and hitting Amber again with a pillow. 
Amber came into Josephine’s bedroom wearing the shirt and jeans that she had picked out for Amber to wear. Josephine was sound asleep. “Joey,” whispered Amber into Josephine’s ear. “What do you want,” moaned Josephine. “How do I look?” asked Amber. “Come back later and I will tell you,” said Josephine. “I can’t Korey is going to be here in 15 minutes,” said Amber, Josephine rolled over and looked at the clock on her night stand. “Why is he coming at 5 o’clock in the morning?” asked Josephine. “I don’t know maybe they start working early on the ranch,” said Amber. “ You look fine,” said Josephine rolling back over. “Great! Now I am going to go put my boots on,” said Amber. “Where is this ranch at?” asked Josephine fixing to go back to sleep. “Calcutta Valley,” said Amber. “Unless you want sore feet you might want to wear sneakers until you get there,” said Josephine. “Why is that?” asked Amber. “Do you know how far it is to Calcutta Valley?” asked Josephine. “No,” said Amber. “It is a four hour trip, one way,” said Josephine. 
“Joey tried to pull a good one on me. She said it was four hours one way to Calcutta Valley,” said Amber to Korey as they were in his truck going down highway 796. “She wasn’t joking, it is four hours to Calcutta Valley,” said Korey as he turned the radio on to a country and western station. Amber took her boots and socks off and stuck her bare feet out the window.
Sarah Hunter, Korey’s grandmother opened the door when Korey rang the doorbell. “Jimmy is in the barn working on the tractor,” said Sarah. Korey turned to Amber. “Why don’t you visit with grandma while I help grandpa with the tractor and then we will go horseback riding,” said Korey.
“Blanche, Jackie, this is Korey’s girlfriend, Amber,” said Sarah introducing Amber to Blanche McClanahan a middle aged woman with red hair and Jackie McClanahan, Blanche’s elderly mother, who were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee visiting Sarah. “I am glad Korey found someone that makes him happy and hopefully won’t break his heart like Claire,” said Jackie. “Who is Claire?” asked Amber. “A prissy little smart elic that needed to be whacked,” said Jackie holding up her walking cane. “Momma,” said Blanche. “Well, she needed to be whacked, said Jackie. Amber put a smile on her face. “At least this one is a country gal; that goes around barefooting,” said Jackie. Amber started turning red faced when she looked down and saw that she had forgot to put her socks and boots back on. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, sit down I am going to tell you a little story,” said Jackie. Amber sat down. “When I was a little girl growing up you had to walk to school. There were no buses and not many people could afford cars. Parents would make their children wear shoes. These shoes were not like the ones you buy today and were very uncomfortable. On the way to school we would find the nearest log to put our shoes in. After school was out we would go back and put our shoes back on,” said Jackie. “Oh-my-gosh you were in class bare footed,” said Amber. “Not just me but the entire class,” said Jackie. “That is so cool,” said Amber. Jackie told Amber stories from her past that Amber found fascinating.
On the way back to Piney Point Korey pulled over and turned the engine off. “Please tell me, we are not in the freaking middle of no-where and have a problem,” said Amber with a concerned look on her face. “No,” said Korey as he leaned over and kissed Amber.


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