the reverence rapture

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Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017



The seasons come , and the seasons go. My overworked heart begins to explode. Intake eyes of a luring stare. Froze my hands in a demon's hair. Locked and poured into a blistered soul. Where prisoners of love only seek to roam. Free from the fires that kindle in your spires. Where the mad men cry in their haunted desires. Blasting up their lost repention. Into the external pathway Of redemption. I soar on through a sky of blue. The only piece of beauty left of you. Into a sunset of orange painted with bliss. Where I drink your poison through your gentle kiss. Roaring minds and wounded prides. Begging sterile reasons to say goodbye.

Dancing skin upon a chemical wind. The devastation glistens in. A heart left in severence . Where the arteries bleed . Where reverence heals her needs. I murder the captives she claimed in time. To be the only one with a chance to shine. I walk alone In a rain so cold . Searching through the passage in a narrow bone. Where life twists and turns . My love has to yearn. But it laid there to die in the fire it burned. I dream of a place where I stand so tall. Fading in the mist of the one Who saved us all . Talon tear maids with a bind of steel. Rapture the covenant of a love never real . The smiles turn to frowns. Can anyone hear us as we drown ?

Justice and peace. Join a restless sleep. Narcoleptic screams in a frantic weep . Bound in a slumber of a poisoned net. Of love suffocation in a mother's debt. So I close my eyes. I comfort her cries. Take one last drink before we die. It's all so helpless . Not even reverence can save us . The cycle of love still goes round. Yet , I go unheard as I drown.

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