Locked in my Mind with my Delusions

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More Than Fiction

Book / Fantasy

Finley Collins is a struggling writer whose just woken up on the worst day of his life. A disastrous breakfast leads to a belatedly cancelled meeting, a horrendous day at the cinema, and finally back home. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, he finds himself literally sucked into the novel he's working on. The hijinks and antics that follow more than make up for day he had, but not all of the inhabitants are thrilled to see him. A shadowy force is building in the land, can Finley and the crew find a way to stop it? Or will darkness take over his creation?

Area 51 (The Novel)

Book / Science Fiction

I'm going to be sharing this as I work on it, to receive feedback and fix any problems that might arise! Leonora and Chase are two friends pursuing their dreams; one a writer and one a professor, while living in the city. When a new restaurant is opened up, they learn the food is out of this world. What had seemed like a fun night out, turns into a recipe for disaster.

Streets of Fear anthology

Book / Horror

It's the zombie apocalypse!

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