God Never Asked Again

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If you ask more time and God questions this quest for a reason so filled with our giveaways, how will you compile one such future for all here? I have tried to answer this season ahead. May God Loves You and Your Loved Ones. :)

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



If everything started from nothing we ever knew,

Speak our story ever visited from a time worth longing for hope,

Will God always blessed may challenge this truth for our wellbeing?

Our fruit for this creation sandwiched between time and space here,

May we love the source and our existence you never ask again,

Why will time alert us against the night fallen on our destiny ahead?

If you recall this space where you ever asked for freedom,

Will God who made everything travel like our contribution for a day ahead?

Night if you could feel this darkness in my spirit,

Love if you could care this soul in my night,

Hope if you could forgive this love in my spirit,

My traveller your night loved hope,

Your days tell me knowledge comes from the heart you owe desire to know more,

If everything end from the source our soul ever united in peace,

Sustaining our epic ever blessed from a creation worth longest day we lived,

Will God ever complain being the inspiration for HIS creation?

Finally God met our traveller back in time again,

It is a creation God always tried to compromise a change,

"Will you ever document a need why I am here?"

God looked back and watched the events that followed time ever given from birth,

Yet God was unsure what this stranger asked for the last time they never met again,

Being everything bringing all source of knowledge,

God asked why all this?

This traveller listened all days when it is too late to keep any promise,

"For whom you gave this image, we struggle a call you can sustain, as this source has come back from all causes why all this is so made. I want your support for sponsoring this activity never asked again" Our traveller wrote behind this past always haunted our contribution ahead.

God agreed and asked this author, why did you bring back this start unseen for an unknown future?

"I seek this presence for you have given me this life. I ask you only time never asked again."

God questioned, till when and what time?

"Your source ensures a channel of peace. For this hope we wage war with time never seen again. Gift us those choices you need from us when time will bring what you trust in milestones evergreen. I call this as time"

God told, in this quest where will your ignorance as human end?

"I want to be perfectionist in this knowledge we fight with means of our survival here. Together, oh God!, I want you to make its script as you like shading each player within this painting. Can we sustain this goodnews?"

God sensed something good and spoke,
"I am God who created you in this weakness. This struggle has costed my entire creation a huge loss. I see your actions cannot be undone. You pleaded for time as I felt this can only make knowledge as the instrument away from its ignorance. But tell me truthfuly, will you seek a gate without having a lock for its keys? Are you asking me like all creation for ending everything with time I never refused for your grants? How will you come before the gates of heaven again and the fear of love already made our days so vulnerable? Do you forget that I dont have any source for what will you do as still the world broken in your bread simply abide by this truth? Do you call this as time the entire humanity needs? If you like a conclusion that can be blessed in your life what do you need?"

Finally I became this note for all ends as this is what I listened from my heart never asked again,
"You are my giver on this Earth. Our experiments paved this history together. Today I ask for time till we remain like what we want to become ahead. This promise are some choices we can make our future as good news for all welfare for hearts. I have only seeked this lifeline till there is a time I need to visit your heavenly kingdom back in time again. This traveller came for a loved bond binding a voice of our past ancestors. I have only asked him a fortune for preserving everything. If time can stop for one moment back in the life of all creation more will live forever. So please dont bring us a climate change that leads your creation towards threats we already are aware. Let our life pleadge for a role, my God, you are our channel of love this peace so came from the source of all souls. May you fulfill this wish of a lifetime in your duty here. You will be never asked again from this creation ever made for your loved hearts. Thank you my God."

God left this space saying, Your wish is granted. May our supreme foundation become its pillars in time again.

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