Metronome Heart

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Earlier this year we nearly lost one of our cats. Having cats helps a lot with my anxiety, it was particularly worrying that he was very ill. They both turned 16 this year, so they are getting on in life.
Unfortunately quite recently the last of the pets that I grew up with passed away.

Everyone thought Buffy, our cat, would die. He was barely able to move and didn't seem to be improving even after a few days in the hospital. He wouldn't eat and was unresponsive.

I refused to give up on him and luckily, made all the right calls to keep him alive. He recovered well.

One particularly bad night, Buffy was having trouble breathing. He was having heart troubles and had colon, pancreas and liver infections. I lay on the couch with him all night and began writing.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Metronome Heart


Heavey breathing beside my head,

A metronome beat for your every breath.

It ticks and clicks, as it counts down,

As "life" converts from a verb to a noun.


I will not waste a minute more,

I lie awake, holding your paw.

Hold on for me, as I hold on to you,

They say you will die, but that's not true.


Sixteen years you've lived, I know, 

But I have faith that more will follow.

I'll tuck you in and watch over you,

And anything you need, I'll do.


I've lost too many in recent days,

To really think you'll drift away.

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