The Darkness That Consumes Me

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



There isn't a day that goes by

where I forget what has happened to me.

Who I have become. 

I became cold.

I lost everything I had 

And all because of him.

The night he decided to take 

my innocence from me, took my life from me.

The light turned into dark.

I stopped making friends, 

didn't know how. 

I was eight, you were my uncle.

I grew up being afraid of boys.

By the time I was 14 everyone at mt school hated me.

i was bullied, pushed around.

They called me fat, 

They called me ugly.

They told me no one could ever love me.

I didn't believe them until I heard it from my parents.

They called me fat.

They made pig noises,

I looked in the mirror and that's what I saw.

I stopped eating breakfast, stopped eating lunch. 

I ate supper, and then I'd throw it up. 

I became everything I hated.

my arms bared scars, 

Fresh cuts.

I was molested by my sisters. 

Two people who were supposed to protect me.

I'm finally an adult, and now I can't be happy.

i try.

But I can't, can't seem to forget.

This darkness is consuming,

It keeps me right in the middle

No matter how hard I try to escape,

I can't, everytime I'm close i get dragged back in. 

Most nights I cry myself to sleep.

Never wanting to get up, 

Never wanting to go out.

people scare me,

I scare myself.

This darkness scares me. 


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