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I am a victim of false judgement, with only a pen and paper to defend my rights.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017





 A word containing a root word “justice” which means equality, with a combination of an affix “in-“ ,a negative affix that opposes the meaning of the word after it. Having the word justice means knowing the truth out of lies, helping the innocents out from false accusations but sometimes, the pure ones became a victim of the word “injustice”, being pointed out as the criminal so that THAT someone can hide their true identity, leaving the innocent as a criminal for others’ eyes.

 Achieving the word “injustice”, made me feel depressed, ashamed and laughed by people around me. I’m nothing compared to those bigger persons who stepped upon my ego. Those stronger ones by their power can easily crush the weaker ones with their fame, wealth and their state in the society. No justice for the poor, not a word can be heard from them. Pitiful for them to gain false justice which makes them a clown for someone with power. Injustice kills victims inside, leading to failure and failure is equals to death, false guilt and slaved by fraud accusations.

 I am a victim of injustice, a person with pen and paper left, only to defend my rights. I have no voice to be heard, to dominate against the lies made by those who have power. God knows the truth, and I know what words that prove my innocence. People may judge me falsely. But I have a faith that justice lies with truth within me. 

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