My Insight on Heaven

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Just writing and sharing a short collection of my insights on various topics and life. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Many people have always believed that heaven is like a kingdom in the sky, a castle on a cloud, where there is always bright, eternal daytime. I have always seen it as a slightly different image. I imagine it to be a place that is not quite in the sky, but a place unreachable to us until our time has come to exist in a new place in a new form. It's something to me that we can see reflected in the night sky, but we cannot truly know its sweetness and beauty from this world. I think of it as a vast expanse of swirling, billowy clouds, always filled with light. It is always night there, but not quite as dark as the ones we know. It is like a distant star, and we can see its light wherever we go. When we are there, we can see all the lights of the heavens and the stars around us. There we are always surrounded by those who came before us and the love of the ones we know who have passed. The moment you come there is a great surge of bliss, sorrow, nostalgia, joy, peace, wonder, and love all at once. We think of all that we have done and the great lives that we lived. We are all safe there, and can finally see once more who and what we lost in our lives on Earth. Crystal clear streams of starlit water flow there and pour off into the sky as light and gentle mist. There is a beautiful pool there, a pool of memories - all the bitter and the sweet - that reflects all the light of the heavens and our dreams. We can enjoy our peace, our love, our past present and future there, in heaven. And now, each and every passing day, we can see the stars at night - and be reminded of the world awaiting us.

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