Fashion Trends of 2004

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Do fashion styles change from year to year or do they retain some elements from the previous years?
Here I'll recall some of the styles I recall seeing in the year 2004 (mainly women's styles seen in real life, in school, in magazines and catalogs of the time)
Was fashion changing?

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



The mid 2000s were changing and new looks were popping out in the fashion magazines and stores now began to carry a lot of blazers that you could wear for a casual fete or to a party (or even a wedding, in my case).  These blazers came in many styles but were mainly double-breasted, buttoned up and were usually solid colored, but sometimes came in cute polka-dots and even in denim.  It was popular to wear this floral pins (or brooches) with your blazer.  Sometimes the jacket came with the pin already attached to it.

The ruffle also became very popular in 2004.  You'd find them everywhere, from the hems of skirts and dresses to blouses and even on purses.  Perhaps it was the more "femenine" look coming back?  Could this also explain the fact that the empire-waist on tops and dresses came back?  And the lace details on shirts as well as the use of satin, velvets and cute stuff life bows and ribbons on things like dresses and purses? 

Around this time period you'd see bags sold in stores (like Target and Sears) that said things like "Las Vegas" "Malibu" or "New York" usually spelled out with rhinestones.  In general this was a trend seen for several years (recall that earlier in 2002-2003 it was popular to wear shirts with city names too).

Prints were all the rage in 2004.  There were stripes (and they were bold and colorful), there was houndstooth, there was chevron and zig-zags.  The summer months called for the hibiscus prints usually on shorts, skirts, summer dresses and swimwear.  There were also the 1980s type of shirts-the kind with big block letters. 

Other hip things from 2004 were-tier minis, 1970s prints, eyelet, richer tones like plum and indigo, tweed, pinstipes, skinny belts, striped sweaters, furry boots, plastic jewelry (a la 1980s again!), tie belt blouses, clutchesm charm bracelets, kangaroo pockets, mini floral prints and ponchos.

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