Ghost Trees And Oil Pipelines: Doin' The Dalton (Highway)! (Alaska)

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A couple takes a trip up the famed Dalton Highway in Alaska.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



We are going to take a trip up the famed Dalton Highway in Alaska; we are planning on taking a trip to the Arctic Circle.  Currently, we are just south of Fairbanks; it's going to be a long trip, so we are getting things ready, to make sure we don't run into any difficulties while we are on the road.

We hear that the Dalton Highway is rough and narrow; it's the road that's featured on the cable series, Ice Road Truckers.  If what we have seen on the show is any indication, then we'd best make allowances for insurance for our windshields (in case they should happen to get broken by rocks slung by large trucks as they go past; and yes, the trucks have the right of way; so we will have to stop, so we can let them pass), extra fuel and oil (not to mention, antifreeze and other items for our truck), and spare tires, since the road will be less than ideal for traveling on.

We have wanted to go to the Arctic Circle ever since we first started planning for this trip to Alaska. (We live in Ohio.)  Now that we are here in Alaska, we'd best take advantage of it while we still can.  But the Dalton Highway is about the only way there, and forget about wi-fi or cell service once we get on the road.  And we'd best fuel up because there will be very few (if any) gas stations or rest areas during the route.

I just hope the weather cooperates; hear the weather can be very moody here in the Great Land.  And they're not kidding.  We had thunderstorms all night last night and now it's cloudy and misty raining with more rain forecast (though in the mountains, where it's colder, we could very easily run into snow or ice; so we have to take THAT into consideration).  THEN you have the mud to worry about; hear the Dalton Highway is very muddy, and things can get dirty very quickly: vehicles, people ..... so we'd best take a change or two of clothes, too. *Sigh!*

Okay.  We are just about to shove on out of here.  Say some prayers, pray we get to the Arctic Circle in one piece, and pray for safety as we travel, not only for us, but for our vehicle.  Any and all prayers are welcomed and would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance; will let y'all know how things are going once we get a chance to update.  Take care!  See y'all when we reach our next destination, which is (hopefully) the Arctic Circle!

*End of part one!*

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