"The Sisterhood"

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



When the first Queen of Mother, Queen Emily DeShields, saw the problem that was arising from the children being swept without anyone to care for them, she created and instilled the law that all new arrivals were to be processed and supported by a separate entity that was to be the responsibility of the Kings of the lands. This entity would be housed in a separate building within each city and village and would be referred to as "The Sisterhood".

It was also the Queen's intent that the sisterhood handle trials of perpetrators of crime. To that end she forged six staffs. There would be one for each Supreme High Sister of each land. These staffs were forged and infused with Queenstone to be multi-faceted tools. They were named the "Staff of Truth". one facet provided the sisters of the lands to detect falsehood. Those sisters that were found to be infallible at the practice were known as "Trial Sisters."

When women would request to become sisters, they would go through a series of interviews and testing and if accepted would be sent to the Supreme High Sister for appointment. The Supreme High Sister would conduct her own interview and end the process by explaining that the sisterhood is a lifetime commitment and not a job. If the woman still wanted to be a sister, she would be touched by the staff and her new life would be confirmed.

The Supreme's of the lands decided for the sake of the element of surprise, they would keep one of the abilities of the staff's power a secret and so instructed each sister to not speak of it. Keeping secrets was not something Queen Emily was fond of, but when the Supreme's explained their reasoning, the Queen relented. Knowing the power of the staff talisman, the Queen added that it might be best to keep the knowledge of the staff out of the Chronicles as well, to eliminate the possibility of physical harm to a potential thief.

As an added tool to help them maintain their secret, the sisters developed special attire. This was a one piece pullover knee length short sleeve dress made of a heavy light gray material known as a "Grock". Any sister that was outside of a sisterhood, either on days off or vacation was permitted to be in street clothes, but while inside the sisterhood, whether on duty or not, they were never to shed the Grock. The Grock, along with the white headband all sisters wore was what would identify them as sisters. It was highly unattractive and the sisters would suffer many comments from the citizens, which was the plan. Look harmless.

Sisters were considered to be without personality and devoid of emotion and most of the citizenry considered that to be a requirement of acceptance. Although the sisters were always helpful to the peoples with nearly every request that wasn't ridiculous, they were also mysterious and always suspicious which caused most people to be leery. No one stopped by a sisterhood just to say hello.

Registered in the chronicles as a sanctuary, most looked upon the sisterhood as an orphanage, because of the children and the sisters efforts to get those children without parents, into family homes as "Accepted". The sisters were relentless in this endeavor. It wasn't a matter of space. The sisterhood was a massive building. Usually the largest in the city or village. Children, however, were inquisitive and the sisters were concerned one would find a way past the locks and descend into the lower level, despite the rules against it. The lower level of each sisterhood was a prison.

Queens would come and go and the Kings of the lands would change based on the whims of those Queens. Kings would come and go and for the same reasons the kingdoms would change, but the sisterhood was the one constant. The sisterhood, mysterious, unwavering, and suspicious of all, never changed regardless of the whims of Kings and Queens. Never changed, that is, until the sweeping of "18".

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