Set The Beam To Violet

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Come to me , Let me hold you still . Mute your sighs. In my thoughts , alive. Born to please. My every single need. All that you are is my star. Shine with me, Let me sleep in peace. All that I feel , Is never true. Yet I ... Want you .

Pass this oath. Like a virus in the air. Drain me , Of my living fear. Curse me , with the tragedies. All that they are is misery. Strive with me , to the lengths of the costs. Find my heart . It's forever lost. Yet I... Want you .

Severed servants . Abiding on their knees. Blast you , With a mouth full of bees. Danger , Living on the edge. Falling , into a black stained pledge. Ghastly wise men , Devoted to the lies. That linger in the water. To cleanse your luring eyes. Find you , Insatiable. For all that they are. can be falling stars. Yet I. ... Need you. And I . ... Love you.

When I said forever. I meant... forever. Hold me close to know. You are a lonely ghost. Kiss me , in my waking sleep . Touch me , through a skin so deep . Drench me , in a lathered mist . For all love is. Forever missed. Beauty burning a spirit in the ruins. To be grasped by the heart. That allowed true love in. Yet I. ... Still want you . And I . . still need you.

Heaven from above. On the wings of a dove. I'll never let you go . For all that I fear. .. Is losing your love. And I... Love you. Please don't kill this oath. ...

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