Larry Dale Collum Jr - On The Wings Of A Dove

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This is a compilation of facts, names, places, and information from family members. This was written December 12, 2015

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Larry Dale Collum Jr

On The Wings of A Dove

By Faye Collum Fairley

On October 30, 1972, a bright eyed little boy came into the world kicking and screaming with a magnificent zest for life.  He claimed the hearts of all who came in contact with that lively personality and big friendly smile.  Larry Dale seemed to never be satisfied with sitting in one place.  His life had to be one adventure after another.  In hindsight, it was as if he was trying to seize all the living he could into his life, and was always afraid he would miss something.  His childhood was a typical childhood; getting into a little trouble and teasing his sister Tanya were everyday activities. 

Larry Dale soon grew into a handsome young man, married, and was soon the father of two amazing boys of his own. Larry Dale III, (L.J.), and Jacob became Larry Dale’s entire life.  He enjoyed spending time with them.  He also looked forward to teaching them all the things his dad taught him.  His secret most desire was to become a dad like his own dad.  His dad taught him to fish, hunt, ride dirt bikes, and all the things boys love and moms say, “Please be careful”. He always held his dad in high regard, and hoped he was teaching his sons like dad would.

Of all the things he learned from his dad, one of Larry Dale’s favorite things to do was go dove hunting.  He enjoyed the open feeling of wind in his face riding the 4-wheeler to his favorite hunting spot.  Watching the doves in flight gave Larry Dale a feeling of instant freedom. He admired their ability to soar above all the earth with a total lack of restrictions.  How he envied their free will to ascend above all with an unspoken appreciation for the absolute independence they enjoy.  Yet they still depict a form of sympathy for the ones below without the ability to fly in peace.

On September 1, 2000, Larry Dale collected the gear needed for a wonderful morning of dove hunting.  Packing the gear on the 4-wheeler, he was soon ready to go.  As he rode toward his hunting spot near the canal, he relaxed, and let the wind take away troubles and worries of day to day events.  The brisk air wrapped around him with a cozy feeling of comfort.  Larry Dale was not sure which part of the dove hunting he enjoyed most, going there, being there, or telling about being there.  What he did not know, was what this Friday held in store for him. 

Since there were no witnesses, speculation is actually all I have to tell of that day’s tragedy.  He probably stopped near the canal, and concealed the 4-wheeler.  Dove hunters know that the doves have remarkable vision, so they conceal themselves with camouflage clothing.  They also conceal anything that gives a shiny appearance.  These were probably the actions taken by Larry Dale on that dreadful day.  No matter what a beautiful day we have, nor how peaceful we try to live, there seems to always be a way for evil to render its ugly face.


 It is not known if Larry Dale had possibly witnessed a drug deal, a shooting, or some other illegal goings-on.  Perhaps he was accidentally hit, and the driver was afraid to be discovered.  What we do know, is that from out of nowhere, and for no reason, Larry Dale was run down on the canal bank by a pickup truck.  He was then thrown into the canal.  He was left for dead.  He was injured too badly to get out of the canal, and drowned.  It was not known if there was only one killer, or maybe two.

Although I couldn’t find it, Larry Dale’s cousin Jodi told me that this story aired on America’s Most Wanted.  With all my research, I had hoped to uncover some sort of document on this horrendous death of our family member.To my dismay, however, I found nothing. 

When I see a dove. I think of Larry Dale, who envied the doves’ ability to soar above us all.  Who is to say that Larry Dale is not soaring above us all now, representing that ultimate peace we all strive to achieve?Is he ascending above all with an unspoken appreciation for his total independence?Knowing his two sons are in the very best of hands must give him an enormous reassurance that they are being raised and taught by the only man he ever revered- his dad.

(In Turlock Memorial Park in Turlock California, resting in peace is our own Larry Dale Collum Jr, son of Larry Dale Collum Sr, and Debbie McKuin, father of LJ and Jacob Collum, brother to Tanya, uncle, cousin, and friend to many.)

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