wolf mask/hooded cape (Halloween rain song)

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commentary - this is about my ex of course but I see a sense of "au revoir". I like the line about not praying for her anymore, that's really symbolic to me because back in the day when my anxiety
was new and sky high I prayed for her safety like a million times a day (and would pester her thinking she was in danger). not sure why I put "Dali" instead of Erica. this is one of my favorite
titles for a piece, though its horribly personal and dark (my cousin received a double life sentence for murdering people with a wolf mask on Halloween a few years back)

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



wolf mask/hooded cape (halloween rain song)

I remember when you were my direct dial icon

and when your face didn't hurt my chest

lately, I’ve wanted to call and hear your voice

girl, you can do what you want too

I wouldn't try to control you


this isn't a form of manipulation

just wishing we could start again

I don't mention you when I pray for people I know anymore

I stopped asking God to keep you safe

it's awful, because we're both lost in the world

but it's harder for me, because I actually miss you girl

last night, I wished you dead

for a moment, I thought you would call

no other girl makes me bloom

no, they don't mean anything at all

Los Angeles is where I want to leave this earth

this cities coded inside my bones and DNA

you wanted me to leave

but please (edited), don't do me this way

I remember you when we were kids

you know, I could never forget

“let me trace your body in the sky?

my love, I just don't feel right

...wake me up, in the middle of the night?”

Dali told me you're the one sending those papers

Dali said my room feels like a tomb

it sucks, because I know she's right

but it's nice, when someone tells the truth


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