For The Love of A Child

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This story takes place in the near future. A law was put into effect banning women under the age of 30 from becoming pregnant. The authorities felt children were becoming more and more unruly. The common denominator being the parents were young so they set forth the law banning all under the age of 30 births. If a woman younger than 30 is caught pregnant, the child will be aborted if early enough or taken from the mom and placed in the care of an older couples home. The underage mom is punished and the dad castrated if he is younger than thirty. Couples can only have kids when they apply for a license and take the necessary exams. Once you have the child you will be re-evaluated in 1 year to see if you are eligible to keep the child. The maximum amount of children per license is one and one person/couple is three even if you remarry. This story is about Mai June, a young woman trying to escape her fate.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



 For The Love of A Child


“Is everything ready?” Falana asked softly into the phone. Her eyes roamed the darkened room. Falana's attention was drawn to her only daughter sitting in the lazy boy staring out the window. Mai looked so vulnerable and young. Her every instinct was to protect her baby girl and make certain she was safe. “Yes, I know I called you a half-hour ago but I'm nervous and I want this to go smooth. We can't afford to have any mistakes. We can't cover a re-do.” Falana sighed. Warren was not the most reliable person, this she knew but, he was the only person they could afford. Falana turned her back and lowered her voice.

Mai June strained her ears to hear what her mom was whispering. She still thinks I'm a baby she thought bitterly. Mai regarded her reflection in the glass window. Her heart-shaped face was a tad fuller, it would be hard to notice if you didn't know her, but Mai noticed. Her thick, long, jet-black mane was glossy and falling in cascades over her shoulders. The crystal gray eyes (courtesy of her mom) staring back at her gave an illusory appearance of confidence. Confidence however, was seeping out her pores at a rapid rate. The closer the time came the more she doubted this was the right thing. She had to make this huge decision on her own, well her parents helped. As for him, she didn't even want to think about him. How did she ever think he was the one? Mai's emotions were on red alert the past five months. Her wacky hormones took her from happy to sad in two point five seconds. Her slender hand gently rubbed her rounding belly. Her mom said it wouldn't be long before she'd be showing and everyone would know. They had to get away quick. Falana standing over her with thick arms across her generous breast pulled Mai from her thoughts.

“So is it all ok mom?” She asked as her pulse quickened. The expression on her mom's chestnut colored face didn't look promising. Falana's crystal gray eyes appeared wiser than Mai's own identically colored-eyes and right now they bore through her like a power drill.

Falana tugged at her faded black t-shirt and ran a hand through her short curly hair. “Juny,” a crease formed in her freckled forehead, “are you absolutely certain you want to do this. I can still cancel and call Dr. Ceda to come over...” Mai hopped to her feet with such quickness it startled her mom.

“NO! I told you I won't do it, I won't.” Mai protested with gusto. She zipped past her rattled mom and stood in the middle of the sparsely decorated living room.

“Be reasonable Juny. I love you, your dad loves you we don't want to see you leave. You're our only child.” Falana pleaded with her a tear springing to her eye.

“I love you too mom, but I love my baby as much as you love me. I-I can't. Dr. Ceda is a monster. No-I can't do it.” She shook her head swiftly back and forth and her long mane swung rapidly in response. Falana swatted away a tear as a key jiggled in the door.

“I have everything on the list. It was tight. Nevertheless we will manage.” Norman Ford stooped down to kiss his wife on the cheek. His tall, lanky frame towering over the two women. He kissed his daughter on the head. “Is everyone ok here?” He asked setting the bag on the cluttered kitchen table.

“Yes, yes. We're fine, just going over the plan right honey?” Falana guided her daughter to agree. The last thing she wanted was to upset her husband. Norman was so frail. She hadn't even wanted him to go out for the supplies, Norman insisted. It was for his baby girl he said, it made him feel useful.

The virus was turning her husband into someone she didn't recognize. The medicine only put a band-aid on his symptoms. Norman winced with each step, his chocolate brown eyes glazed and watery. He tried his best to hide the pain from her and Juny. However, Falana knew. She was his wife and best friend for the past forty years, she knew.

Mai joined her father at the kitchen table and began pulling objects from the mesh bag. “Daddy are you sure you can make it?” She asked noting his gaunt cheeks and glossy eyes. She stretched out a long, thin clear tube attached to a clear small plastic bag followed by a box of gelatin, glycerin, paint and few other odds and ends.

“Do you doubt your dads skills young lady and his voracity to keep one of his most cherished treasures out of harms way.” He grabbed Mai's hand and planted a kiss. Mai's smile spread across her face showing her gap-toothed smile. Only her dad could put a grin on her face during this nerve racking time.

“No way, I would never doubt you dad. I know you love me,” Mai briefly wondered how her dad explained these excessive buys to the market place as she placed the items back in the bag, “I'm gonna pack now.” Mai grabbed a black spotted banana and went off to her room.


Falana waited until her daughter had left the room and turned to her husband, “Norman I'm so frightened. I don't want her to leave. Oh why did I ever send her to the market that day? If I hadn't she would never had set her eyes that boy and we wouldn't be losing our baby.” she sniffled and sank into the kitchen chair. Falana should be warming dinner, as paltry as it was, however her heart was slowly dying. Her only baby girl was leaving her tomorrow and there wasn't a thing she could do. Norman slid his chair next to his wife and pulled her into a timid embrace. He smelled of lemon, honey and eucalyptus. Falana knew it pained him each time he bent or stretched which made her appreciate his embrace all the more. Damn that virus she thought angrily. Her loving, affectionate husband can now barely stand to give her a simple hug without the bones in his body aching. Falana admired his spirit. Norman never complained no matter if it was a terrible day and he could barely get out of bed or a 'good' day when a simple half-hour walk was exhausting.

“Don't worry Lana she will be fine, and our grandchild.” he rubbed her shoulders and continued to work on his project. “I remember when you were pregnant with Juny the clinic kept flipping back and forth between her due date one week it was the end of May the next the beginning of June,” he laughed, “that idiotic law had just begun and we had already been trying for years. The added stress of getting licensed for our baby's arrival sent you into early labor,” Norman's voice cracked and he cleared his throat, “but she persevered and stuck it out in the womb for two more months, our baby girl is strong Lana. She's going to survive. Juny is going to raise our grandchild to be as tough, tenacious and brave as you have raised her to be, you are a phenomenal mother. Our little treasure will live a long life far away from this disastrous reign. Don't worry. You know why?” Falana shook her head no, “Because when you worry I worry and I need to keep my wits about me so I can get this contraption made for our Juny.” Never once did he lose focus on the job at hand. Falana only smiled. Norman was never one for the emotional stuff and she appreciated his steadfast confidence but it didn't lessen the gaping hole occupying her broken heart.

The next morning Mai June awoke an hour before Warren was set to arrive and dressed in layers so she could carry more clothes. Hopefully she wouldn't pass out from heat exhaustion. She had eaten a meager breakfast of oatmeal, bananas and fresh squeezed orange juice. If she didn't have a baby in her belly she might have skipped breakfast the way her stomach was flipping about. Ironically if she didn't have a baby in her belly she wouldn't need to leave. Mai rubbed her hardening belly and tried to picture what the little one inside might be. Dr. Ceda had checked her out to make sure she and the baby were ok, but because she was illegally pregnant so, an ultrasound and blood work were not an option. Mai believes it's a boy because of the somersaults and flips he performs when she's flat on her back.

It appeared her mom had been up all night. Dark rings framed her eyes intensifying her gray color making them more stormy than crystal and her usually comely short curls were unruly and dry. The two of them had sat in silence during breakfast. Mom was probably still angry Mai June wouldn't allow her to call that butcher Dr. Ceda she reasoned.

A little after six am, a loud banging on the door broke the artificial tranquility of the morning.

“Who is it?” Falana asked quietly through the door.

“Warren, open up, hurry.” Falana opened the door and beckoned for Warren to be quiet. Norman was sleeping and it was a rare occasion when he was able to rest and she didn't want him disturbed until it was time.

“Warren, you're early. Please keep the volume low Norman is still sleeping,” her stern look relayed the implications of waking her husband before his time to Warren.

Warren was dressed in a community manager’s uniform, he was a superior so he had no stripes. “My bad, didn't mean to disturb old Normy but we have a situation.” Warren confessed.

Falana's chestnut skin turned ashen, “What do you mean situation, what's happened?” Mai June’s eyes widened. No, this had to go as planned, she had to leave today. She walked next to her mom who threw a protective arm around her shoulder.

“I got here as fast as I could but the Superincumbent of Community Managers is hot on my heels.” Falana let out a gasp, “Good lord why? The Superincumbent- here, in my home, whatever for, does he know?” She could hear the rapid pace of her mom's heartbeat. Mai June was too scared to say a word.

“You got me there cousin, my source in his office,” which meant the latest paper pusher warming his sheets, Falana thought, “told me he had received a phone call from someone claiming to have valuable information and next thing you know he was headed here. Are you ready to roll June bug we need to peel out of here like five minutes ago. No time for good byes get your bag and let's move out.” Warren ordered with an air of authority. Tears dropped from Falana's eyes and her hands trembled.

She held onto her daughter as she gaped at her cousin Warren, “No goodbyes? What about Norman? He will be devastated-”

“No, I won't,” Norman interrupted making his way into the living area, “I will be devastated if my Juny gets caught, now you two get out of here and Wayne you make sure my little treasure is safe you hear.” Norman limped over to his daughter and wife. Mai June peeled herself from her mom's tight embrace and lightly squeezed her dad before running to her room to get her bag. Wayne and Mai were out the door in less than five minutes. Norman sagged back into the bedroom to rest and Falana dashed into the bathroom to wash the tears from her face. The Superincumbent would be here at any moment and she had to play her part.


Ten minutes later another knock thundered on their door. Falana straightened her robe prepared for the inevitable conversation. She had already coaxed Norman into staying in the bed. This was her part and she could it.

The man at the door was not what she's expected. He was short, thin, bald with abnormally large feet and olive skin, “Yes, may I help you?” Falana asked in an even tone.

“Yes are you the lady of the house?” he asked in a soft tone.

“I am and you are?” Falana asked feigning ignorance.

“Madam I am the Superincumbent of Community Managers, Todd Dakota, might I step in please?” he asked with such manners and sensitivity, Falana nearly let down her guard.

“May I know what this is in regards too?” She asked attempting to delay his entry as long as possible.

“Certainly,” he glanced around the dusky neighborhood, “you might want to let me in ma'am. This matter is rather, um, sensitive. I'm sure you don't want your neighbors listening.” the birdlike man said with a curve of his lips. Falana looked out into the deserted streets and figured she could stall no longer. The neighborhood would be awake in shortly and she wanted him out of her home well before that time. She stepped aside so he could enter. Falana caught a whiff of menthol's and after shave when he sauntered past. Everything about him was calm and smooth, from his smooth bald head to his smooth talk and even smoother walk.

“Can I offer you a glass of juice Superincumbent sir. We don't have much by way of drink here and as you are certainly aware water is scarce in the city.” Falana added with a tinge of unintended harshness in her words. The Superincumbent smiled showing off his extremely white teeth and Falana wondered if they were real. No one these days have teeth that white and straight.

“No, I'm here to speak with you about your daughter Mai June Ford, is your husband here?” he asked indicating he knew more than he let on as he took in the shabby conditions of their small home.

“My husband is very ill sir. He is in the bedroom. I would prefer not to have to wake him if you don't mind. His illness leaves him very weak.” Falana pulled her robe tighter. She wanted him out of her home so she could properly weep for her child.

“Ah, is that so, that actually brings me to my visit,” he sat on the lazy boy and waved his hand for Falana to join him.

“No thank you, I'd rather stand. What did you say was the reason for your visit again?” He really needs to get to the point, her unease with him was building. He was smooth and calm but under the surface Falana could sense something sinister.

“Ah, as I was saying. It has come to my attention that your husband purchased a few questionable items at the market yesterday, are you sure he isn't available to talk?” he questioned again his unnaturally blue eyes focused on the bedroom door.

“No, he's ill. Excuse me sir, I thought this was about my daughter Mai June. Has someone found her yet?” Falana's heart was pounding in her ears. A bead of sweat trickled down her back tickling as it made it's way to rim of her tattered panties. She had to sell this act her daughter's life depended on it. Falana saw the briefest frame of puzzlement on the Super's face, it quickly dissipated when he spoke.

“Missing? When was this reported?” his cool demeanor returned at the bat of an eye.

“We reported her missing a week ago sir, I assumed that's what you were here about. My husband has Sancupa's Virus and sometimes it affects his mind. What, pray tell, did they say he bought at the market?” Warren was right about the market place spies.

“Ah, I see, I see, I have heard how Sancupa's can ravage one's mind. I'm so sorry,” he seemed to gather his thoughts for a moment before he spoke again, “I don't recall a missing person's report coming across my desk for Mai June, you say it's been a week?” Falana could feel his eyes probing her for the truth.

“Yes, is there news?” she shifted her weight and looked over her shoulder at the room door.

“Ah, a week, I see, I see, no, no news,” he stood, “pardon my bluntness ma'am but you don't seem very worried, do you have an idea of where she may have gone?” Falana stared at his long gleaming black shoes. Not daring to look him directly in the eye for fear of giving anything away.

“Well, I- sir she's practically...” as if on cue the bedroom door opened and out shuffled Norman. Falana thought she might pass out and the Superincumbent merely turned his head, “Norman! I'm so sorry sir, it's the virus.” Falana rushed over to Norman stripping herself of her robe and placing it around Norman's pale naked body. A long, thin, clear plastic tube hung from his exposed manhood and his body was covered in bruises and welts, courtesy of Sancupa's.

“Did I miss something?” Norman inquired absently as his wife tried to steer him back into the bedroom.

“I see you have your hands full ma'am, I will see myself out. I'll also personally have my team of managers look into the disappearance of your daughter,” he turned to leave, “one more thing, do you have a recent photograph of Mai June for the managers?” he asked careful to keep his eyes averted from Norman who was protesting it was too hot and struggling with Falana to remove her thin patched up robe.

Falana gave up trying to clothe him and turned back to the Superincumbent with an exasperated look, “No sir, we can't afford such an extravagance. We have no photos.” She kept a keen eye on Norman as he wandered about the kitchen in slow deliberate movements. The Superincumbent nodded and made a hasty exit.

When Norman was sure he was gone, he reached the for the robe Falana had hung on the back of the kitchen chair, “I think that went well dear, how about you?”



At the airfield Mai June and Warren shuffled along in the winding line waiting for their turn. It was fairly early yet and the threat of rain loomed over the crowd in the form of dark clouds, gray skies and the wet cement smell of impending rain. A long table was a few feet in front of them and a curtained area guarded by at least ten community managers stood to her right. Mai could see the plane in the distance waiting for it's final passengers to board so it could take flight. Mai June surveyed the crowd. Her nerves on edge. Her heart had been beating two-hundred miles a minute since she and Warren made their hasty exit from her home. A nagging feeling she had left something behind scratched at the back of her brain. She went through her checklist a dozen times in the past half-hour. Mai soon realized she was missing her parents and desperately wanted to go back home. Warren was telling her some weird story about him and his old girlfriend. Mai was certain she was too young to be listening to this story.

“ at the end of the day I told her hey if you not goin' down we can't be together, you know what I’m saying.” Warren belted out a rowdy laugh and Mai could only shrug her shoulders. There was some sort of commotion at the front of the line. Mai watched as the airfield quieted and everyone's attention turned to the young girl and older woman, who Mai June assumed was her mom, at the front of the line.

The tall older woman dressed in stained white sweats and a sky blue t-shirt was shouting something in another language as the community managers pulled the two women from the line. The loosely dressed younger blonde woman screamed and cried as she tried to hang on to the older woman's arm. The horrible scene had paused the entire airfield.

“I wonder what all the hoopla is up there?” an old man questioned behind them. Mai put her hands out, shrugged her shoulders and continued watching the drama unfold. After the community managers cuffed the younger woman the one wearing the stained white sweatpants collapsed in a heap on the wilted grass crying as if in agony. Two community managers eventually dragged her away as well and the line proceeded to move again. A lump formed in her throat and a suddenly her bladder felt really full. Warren's eyes were trained on the community leaders and the hysterical older woman to the side of the desk. His jaw was clenched as he took a wooden step forward. Mai grabbed his wrist and shook her head no. Her eyes were the size of saucers as she silently pleaded for him to stay put. She needed his help. Warren rolled his head in a circle cracking his neck and placed himself back at her side.

By the time they reached the front of the line Mai's whole body was vibrating with nerves. The baby was jittery inside her belly and she had to actively work not to rub her tummy in plain view. Her scalp was itchy, the make-up was itchy, her belly was itchy. Her mind implored her to run as fast as she could back to home to her mom and dad, but her heart wouldn't allow it.

“Ma'am did you understand the question?” The dark-skinned pony-tailed woman asked at the table. Mai June was so caught up in her uneasiness she had completely spaced on what the woman was saying.

“Ahh, I, uumm...” Mai was frozen. She cleared her throat to stall but she had no clue how to answer, “can...”

“Yes, miss she is traveling alone, I'm just here to see her off. Don't mind her she's old you know.” Warren smirked as his finger made circles around the side of his temple. Mai stood there with a simple grin on her face as the woman regarded the strange pair.

“Sorry.” Mai whispered with a crooked smile on her face.

“Right. Ok Ms. Payman I need you to step right round behind that curtain over yonder and give me a lil urine sample. Standard procedure.” the woman asked politely.

“Over there?” Mai June questioned pointing to the curtain trying to keep her talk to a minimum. Sounding like an old woman was harder than she thought.

“Yes, ma'am.” the woman answered with a yellow smile.

“You'll be fine mom,” Warren added patting her back, “you know what to do, right?” a note of seriousness inflected in his tone.

“Um hum,” she muttered and meandered over to the curtain careful not to walk to fast being that she was supposed to be elderly. There were two women ahead of her waiting to go behind the curtain. One not much older than her mom and a woman in her eighties. Why they were making such an old woman take a pregnancy test she didn't know, well actually she did understand she thought as she contemplated her own deception.

“Why would anyone be so stupid as to try and sneak out the country this way. Everyone knows about the piss tests, um um um.” the community manager griped at this colleague

“Not everyone is so bright as you my friend.” his colleague responded.

“You have a point.” the first guy replied with a smug look on his face. Mai June's knee buckled a little and an ivory-skinned, stocky, middle-aged woman behind her caught her elbow.

“Be careful, do you need some assistance?” the woman asked concerned.

Mai shook her head no and mumbled a thank you and looked back at Warren who was chatting up the dark-skinned woman at the counter. The last woman before Mai exited the curtained area and the community leader stepped in front of Mai. Her heart dropped into her big toe. He knows she thought panic stricken.

“Hold out your arms.” the first one said stiffly.


“Your arms, hold them out, we need to pat you down make sure you ain't concealing nothing.” impatience in his eyes and voice.

“Oh, k.” Mai held her arms out like airplane wings. The over-weight community manager ran his hands in a meticulous and slow manner over the length of her body. Mai was so scared she would pee on herself out shear fright. His face scrunched up when he came across the various lumps created on her body by her dad. The wind had picked up a bit and it swirled her flowered dress around smacking the community leader in the face when he bent down to search her legs. Mai's upper lip and nose was shiny with perspiration. Her clammy hands reached up to remove the silver streaked tresses from her mouth. Mai was horrified when she noticed that some of the silver had transferred to her hand. What if it's all over my face? She thought rubbing her hands on the sleeves of her jacket.

“I need you to stand still ma'am. I'm almost finished here.” he sighed and went back to checking her legs. She had a couple of layers on so she barely felt the pressure of his hands on her legs. “Ok ma'am take this cup,” he pulled one from a bag attached to his waist.

Mai grabbed the cup with both hands not trusting herself to hold it with just the one hand. This was going to be the real trick she realized as she wobbled through the thick red curtain. Her knees were shaking so badly there was no need to pretend to walk like the elderly.

A call came through on Warren's com. He scratched his two day old stubble before answering, “Superincumbent, how can I assist you sir.” Warren asked mustering every ounce of professionalism in his body. “No sir, remember I took off the morning to bring my mom to the airfield.” Warren listened to the Superincumbent. “I don't understand sir, how does your son know this information...I understand but...yes sir… no I won't let this information slip to anyone...what would you have me do sir...right away, I just need to see my mom it won't take long,” Warren glanced toward the curtained area and spied Mai strolling out, “she just finished her test sir we should be leaving...excuse me?...ok.” embarrassment contorted his features when he handed the phone to the woman behind the table. She took the phone bewildered.

“Hallo, this here is Constance who might I ask am I talk...Oh, oh hallo Superincumbent sir...yes we will rush him right on through here...yes, I understand he has important” Constance quickly handed the phone back to Warren.

“Yes sir...thank yo...” Warren heard the click before he finished his sentence. He watched Mai doing a terrible impersonation of an elderly person walking.

Her face was flushed and her make-up starting to run. Constance rushed her through the rest of the registration process. They had to wait for the results of the pregnancy test so Constance ushered them to the side to wait.

“Do you have something you might want to tell me about Mai?” Warren asked a little peeved.

“Sssh, should you be using that name, son?” Mai asked shocked he had called her by her real name within earshot of the table.

“Well, mother I need to know who the daddy is?” the rolls in his forehead increased ten-fold as he waited for an answer.

“What does that matter?” Mai retorted her voice cracking. Warren took a step closer to his second cousin. “I spoke with the Superincumbent Mai, don't bullshit me.” he growled through clenched teeth. Mai was trying to come up with something clever to say when she received a tap on her back which nearly caused her heart to stop. She turned to was face to face with the large community manager with a stern expression.


“I'm doing everything in my power to find her, no, it would ruin us if anyone knew… only my most trusted superior knows...yes, yes, ahh...I really wish you would have come to me sooner son, I would have taken care of this straight away, now we are in a time crunch trying to locate the her family didn't have photos...they're poor son what did you expect, how did you get mixed up with someone of such poor breeding anyhow...ahh, right, right the market place...I need to work to get that changed. People of our excellent breeding shouldn't need to mingle with people of that stock… son we can't help the girl but the baby I will make sure it survives and is our, no, there will be no mention of you or of the baby's parentage...hold on a moment,” Superincumbent Dakota checked his messages, “no need to fret my boy we have a lead on the girl... my sources say they picked her up at the airfield not long ago… yes I have my best Superior transporting her as we speak...ah, ok… son I must go to you soon.” Todd Dakota slathered another helping of hand sanitizer on and grinned to himself, when will these people ever learn he thought.

Superior Warren ambled into headquarters with his captive in tow. She begged him to release her but he couldn't. The Superincumbent meant business. It made Warren a little queasy knowing this was his doing. Dragging this young girl basically in for her death. This is one of the worst laws on record which is why he helped Mai June with her plan. It was never about the money but now, there wasn't a thing he could do about this mess. As he marched her through the station house other superiors and community managers gawked. Some with expressions mirroring his sick feeling and others with blank faces, he figured they were just better at masking their disgust. “This would go a heck of a lot smoother if you quit fidgeting, I know this is tough but it's the rules, the law.” She stumbled along crying along side Warren. They approached the Superincumbent's office and Warren gave a firm knock before opening the door. He was expected.

Todd Dakota was sitting at his desk hands clasped together awaiting Warren's arrival. Todd Dakota Jr sat perched upon his father desk. He was a handsome young man. His birdlike features melding wonderfully with his olive complexion. He had a head full of black hair which he had cut neat and even hanging down to his mid-back. Warren knew he hit the gym and he had the same unnaturally white smile as his dad.

“Superincumbent sir, TJ,” he nodded toward the two men as he dragged the wailing girl into the office. The smile on TJ's face disappeared as he got a better look at the young woman.

“Who the hell is that!” he barked.

Warren glanced at the Superincumbent blinking and back at TJ, “It's the pregnant girl your father asked that I bring to the station.” He kept a light grip on her arm.

“Son,” Superincumbent glowered at Warren not turning to face his son as he spoke in his usual quite tone, “is this not the girl?” Warren kept his face neutral and sang the lyrics to the old television show Growing Pains to keep his heart rate steady for some reason it had a calming effect.

“I did exactly as you told me sir, I picked up the pregnant girl at the airfield. Is something wrong?” Warren inquired.

“You're damn right something is wrong! That's not her! That is not my…that is not Mai June Ford. This isn't her,” he pointed to the girl, “I would know her anywhere and that isn't her.” TJ said standing up from the his seat on his dad's desk and getting closer to Warren and the young woman.

“Superior Warren I articulated specific instructions and descriptions and you have disobeyed. My request was simple bring the young woman in through the back entrance. You paraded her through the station house for all to see straight to my door and then I gave you a detailed description of Ms. Ford and you bring me this?” he held up his hand palm side up, “What am I to think Superior Warren?”

“Sir, the only pregnant young woman at the airfield was this young lady here and her mother. I even checked with the airfield's community managers and they all declared this was indeed the only illegally pregnant woman in attendance. I figured maybe she dyed her hair blonde, her eyes are gray.” Warren declared with a shrug of his shoulder as he pointed to the young woman's gray eyes.

“This is outrageous, dad I thought he was your best, most trusted Superior!” TJ roared turning his anger toward his dad. The Superincumbent however kept his calm demeanor and politely asked Warren to leave the room with the pregnant blonde. Warren breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the office.


Meanwhile on the plane Mai June looked out the window as the plane continued its ascent over the airfield. She felt terrible. That poor girl. A tear dropped to her lap. She was already on her way to be punished Warren reasoned with her when he suggested the switch. She understood the lengths a mom would go to save their child. Mai understood why her mom wanted to call Dr. Ceda and why her sick dad risked himself to go to the market. She would do anything to ensure the safe arrival of her child. Todd Dakota Jr and his dad would never get their hands on this baby. When the time was right she'd come back, with her baby and Todd Dakota Jr would pay for what he had done to her life. Mai June took the planes offering of dried fruit and juice as she sat back to plan her next move.  

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