PROLOGUE: Part-timer at a Fantasy Coffee Shop

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Terra is a coffee shop located in an alleyway in a certain area of a certain city; at first glance it looks like any other normal coffee shop, but as you take a second look you'll find the most strange and mysterious fellows, and let’s not talk about the shop itself, which sells anything but coffee. From witches to dragons, everyone who visits the shop is not normal, well, except me, the only human part-timer. From cleaning tables to killing giant rats, I’m being bossed around every day until I’m at the edge of death. I would quit if I could, but apparently getting the job is easier than escaping from it, last time I tried well…I don’t want to remember. The pay is good though, so I guess there are some benefits to all this torture, but then I remember I’m cleaning troll vomit three out of seven days a week so I guess not even a good salary can make me forget all the traumas caused by working here. “When you finish cleaning, go to the basement and feed the dragons” my boss said as she escaped from her duties; how did I get into this mess? I say as I move downstairs to my own demise.

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